22 September 2010

Time to move to greener pastures....

The unusual silence here at MLO has not been a coincident. Having travelled interstate weekly in my corporate job for months now, I have found that there is just not enough time, energy or material (casual outfits are a rarity, so nothing too exciting to post) to keep up MLO the way I want it. 

Instead of continuing half hearted, I've decided to shut down the blog.

For now it has served its purpose, for me to explore how social media works, I've learnt a lot along the way and had heaps of fun. More importantly, I've discovered my love for photography and want to spend me free time developing my skills and creativity in this area. Please feel free to come by my flickr account, I am aiming to adding something there at least every two weeks.

Well, thank you to all readers, it's been great to have you! I'll leave you with my favourite MLO pics from the last 8 months... peace.

For now - adios! Love Bec

05 September 2010

It was the red heels...

Hey lovely readers, it's been a teeny bit quiet here for the last two weeks. I've been travelling so much, I've been needing some down time on the weekends. More updates soon.

In the meantime, you may like to feast your eyes on my new treasure - these red heels. I am so stoked I found them one evening in Sydney walking back from dinner, window shopping. I found the cutest shoe shop Alex & Alex and had to go back! I've since looked on the net and it seems, there is quite an Alex & Alex trend out there...