29 June 2010

Mitzi Delight

Today's delights are a random collection of web stars I've discovered in my three favourite areas: fashion, photography & food!

1. First up: Excitement! Internet crush!! Elinkan from Radar Magazine.
I just discovered Elinkan via bloglovin but I have not had the time to look into Radar Magazine yet (It's swedish, but not sure what it's scope and aim is etc.). Anyway, she is so amazing - her features, her look, her attittude!

2. Rosie Hardy - a wonderful young photographer
. I'm constantly overwhelmed by the amount of photography talent out there. I've used Rosie's photographs as desktop wallpaper for a few months now. They serve as daily inspiration and as reminder to practice my photography skills.

3. Ok it's only sort of food: meet Amy Atlas - dessert table event organiser extrarordinaire. I'm obsessed with her, I want to be her.

28 June 2010

It's too cold for this little owl

Ok it's officially freezing in South Australia. I can hear our northern hemisphere readers say "she wears this when it's cold?" Well, it's kind of cold - you know, under 10 degrees celcius some days? But it feels like minus 10!! You know why? Because Australians just can't be bothered building and fitting out houses for the cold weather. In all the places I have lived here, i've been freezing inside! It's just not well insulated, and if it is, there are no central heating systems. So you end up crowding around a little electrical heater or hug the fire place in a quest to stay warm. Can't wait to build my own place here one day. It will have double windows, insulation, double everything. Maybe I'll even put in floor heating. Yes. Definitely.

Anyway, with all this coldness, I am close to giving up on dressing in an interesting way and just wear jeans and big big jumpers... But that would be boring for you lovely readers so I wore this little combination to my friend's birthday wine tour instead.


25 June 2010

Thank You Bag Doctor

Some professions are way undervalued. Like people who repair leather bags. I went to three places trying to get the straps of my favourite bag reattached, but all said, they can't sew through leather that thick (4 layers). Until I found Brian, The Bag Doctor (yes, that's the real name of his business). He did the best job ever. He refurbished my whole bag. Inside the straps, bag and flap, there was vinyl (only the outside pieces were leather) - he replaced them all and it looks like new. So so stoked.

Brian, I give you a medal. Ok. And a showbag.

  • T-Shirt, Sportsgirl
  • Scarf, Sportsgirl
  • Jeans, Sportsgirl
  • Skate shoes, shoe shop in Leipzig, Germany
  • Bag, second-hand on Ebay
PS. Most of our readers would have noticed by now that we wear a lot of Sportsgirl. We both used to work there, so for years, that's all my wardrobe consistet of. Now I mainly buy second-hand, but still mix with some leftover SG clothes. Maybe they could sponsor us ;)

24 June 2010

Rantings: Socks and Heels

Thus far, this blog has been an expression of everything we like in fashion and style. The other day however, when I was thinking about fashion trends that I am not so fond of, I decided that I’m gonna do it. Have a rant. About stuff that drives me crazy when it comes to fashion.

Ok, so here is a topic that I am supposedly very qualified in: socks and sandals. I am German you see. You know the jokes. The Canadians share my pain. But unlike so many fashionistas who have recently been seen wearing socks with open toed heels or sandals, I do not buy into this trend.

Why did designers start this? Is it about breaking the rules? Maybe - but just because no one else is doing it, it doesn’t make it look good. Sure, sometimes breaking the rules can start new ideas, but all too often there was a very good reason why people didn’t wear something to start with. Like track suit pants and ugg boots outside the house. Not a good idea. But back to the socks and sandals.

All I can think of is: “Do you want to look like a German tourist? Are you going to wear a bum bag with that?“ Of course not.

So it makes me wonder whether there could there be any possible excuse to ruin pretty heels and dresses with socks? Mh... NO.

I can't remember who said it, but "If in doubt, always take one thing off." - Of course refering to simplicity in attire (get your thoughts out of the gutter ladies!). So why would you add socks? I can honestly say that every single outfit I have seen with heels and socks would have looked better without them. My call is, that this trend will be one of those 'eighties hair' moments in years to come.

Ok, your turn. Vote ‘Yes’ for "I'd wear socks & heels" (I won’t hold it against you, hehe) and ‘No’ for "I would never wear socks and heels". Once you’ve voted, you’ll see the result of the poll so far.

Would you wear socks with heels?

22 June 2010

Mitzi Delight: Four Dumplings

Couldn't help but post these four delights. Any time I see an outfit/style that catches my eye, I save it to my desktop and continue on my merry way in the hope that something comes of them. Lately, I haven't really been seeing much that grabs me, just feels like a whole lotta the same. Which is going to happen from time to time, there are lulls in every quarter. BUT I am happy to report that the 'lull' has now ceased, today I've come across four dumplings (I love dumplings!!!!) that I couldn't bare to go amiss.

I've been meaning to post this lass for a long time now but couldn't find a place to showcase this fab outfit. I just fell in love with the ochre red, baby blue and stripe combo. Such a natural beauty this one.

This gal reminds me of one of my besties, so I was a little biased at first. However, after giving her outfit a second look, I realised what a cute mix it was. Love the plum throw over and the vintage bag.

This old mate is just amazing, that kinda style is not available regularly, its a rare occurance and when it's captured by the likes of the Sartorialist, then it's just a magic moment.

This to me is the epitome of street style. No bare-legged supermodels in sky-high heels and manicured top to toe here. This is the true style that is rarely photographed, why? I have no idea, I plan to capture more street style through Mitzi like this.

These are four stylish peeps, and probably some of the best outfits I've seen in a long time. And that's a big call considering I scour streetstyle blogs, fashion diaries and anything remotely inspiring on a daily basis.

21 June 2010

Keeping It Neutral


20 June 2010


I'm surprised it has lasted me this long to talk about this lovely lass. OH MY GOD... If you have not yet seen (500) Days of Summer, then I highly suggest you hightail it to the whatever and watch it. It's such a happy, thought-provoking film. Aside from the quality of the film though, my fave part is Zooey Deschanel. Love her.

She's such a quirky, mad mess. She has these boggly, lost eyes that cause intrigue. It's very strange but unexpectedly endearing. To top off her great acting ability, the girl sings as well. And she's damn good. Why is it that the artsy folk manage to be good at more than a few fields?

Anyhoo, I'll be keeping my eye out for some more art from this girl. She's rocked my world up till now. Hope she keeps choosing good films to play in, nothing that brings me more sadness than a let-down to someone I love watching. Keep up the awesome work Zooey... A + from me! By the way, does anyone know any other films she's in that I can enjoy on my days off?

18 June 2010

My new favourite skirt

I love it when skirt lengths are perfect. I don't like ankle length or mini skirts, but there are two lengh that are perfect: just above the knee and just below the widest part of my calves. I couldnt' believe my luck when I found this skirt together with this jacket for $1. Love a bargain. The fabric feels amazing too... I think I will get lots of wear out of this one.


17 June 2010

The Early Days - Beachwear

Maybe it's the effort the ladies from the 30's through to the 70's put it to looking good in their swimwear, either way they looked classic. It's as if they've slipped out of their daily attire, and popped on a swimming costume with their hair, makeup and other pleasantries all in perfect order.

Beach wear has changed ten fold. No more hair and makeup. The beach is now an all natural affair with hair messed and makeup scarce. I always think a natural look is better, however, you have to give it to the earlier years for their endless motivation to be put-together regardless of the occasion. I mean let's face it, the minute you hit the water, are hair and makeup really going to stay put? I think not. Unless of course you bobble on the top of the water with your neck outstretched for fear of a splash of water reaching your spotless cranium.

It seems that some of my fellow bloggers are under the same fascination, Q's Daydream gathered some old school swimwear photos, and turned them into her own inspiration and is seen here sporting a gorgeous vintage bathing suit.

Despite the illogical done-up-to-the-nines presentation of the earlier beach days, I believe our put-together ladies take far better and more memorable photographs than any other beach photos taken after the 80's. What do you guys reckon, back in the old days beachwear or today's natural take on beachwear?

Oh P.S Check this vintage swimwear website out, some really cute stuff, came across when I was getting all inspired and decided I wanted a 1940's bathing suit. I love my impracticality sometimes.

15 June 2010

Mitzi Delight: Black Summer Greetings

I will steer away from typical stereotypes of wearing black and its timelessness. However, I can't help notice, that even with summer having arrived in the northern hemisphere, you see a lot of black around. And I have to admit, I like it somehow. Makes me feel better for being in the cold, not able to wear summery, flowery prints and flowy fabrics. You know, it's as if these people dressed in black are paying homage to the southern hemisphere. Haha I know, wishful thinking. Anyhow, here are some of my recent finds:

The Satorialist: Do you believe this is in New York? I don't. It's too relaxed, casual. And a bicycle? Mh. I guess I need to go back there to find cool people like this.

Anders-Anziehen: One of my favourite streetstyle blogs. Smilla wanders the streets of Cologne, Germany and makes some fabulous discoveries. The best part is, that she chooses people of all walks of life - any age or style. Refreshing in a world where only model-like looking people are seen as acceptable photographic material.

Nast Magazine: This is one of them. But don't you like her attitude? So cheeky, sexy and chilled at the same time.

Sally Jane Vintage: Who doesn't like a sailor's outfit? Always cute, always sexy. I like how Sally keeps this one simple.

14 June 2010

Hoods are the goods

... there is really not much more to say about it. It's getting so cold here in Oz, any opportunities to cover my head are more than welcome.

Hooded top, Sportsgirl
Jumbo Earrings, Sportsgirl
Skate Pants,
Heels, Charles & Keith

13 June 2010

Stripey shoes are all I need

Stripes, polka dots, zig zags - give me patterns anytime. However when it comes to mixing them, my brain can't take the overload and so I usually keep it simple and only use one or two within the same outfit. I do love it thought when mixing patterns has been done well by others. So I am vouching to be more experimental.... soon. For now, my new red stripey shoes have no competition as I am getting used to the cold and rainy weather here in Australia:

Scarf, bought at Salvos Mona Vale
Earrings, vintage bought on etsy
T-Shirt, hand-me down from Kerry
Bracelet, my grandma's
Jeans, Jay Jays
Shoes, Wittner

11 June 2010

The Germans are turning Japanese: Kool Kat Kustom

I've been reading so many German fashion and style blogs, which has been great, because it has yielded some discoveries I haven't seen popping up on other blogs. Maybe I can even coax Kerry into getting inspiration from Spanish blogs... Anyhow, let's cut to the chase.

Kool Kat Kustom
is an online shop of accessories: necklaces, earrings, scarves hairclips, buttons, rings, sunglasses, bracelets... breath... mobile phone accessories, and more. It's actually too funny. Germans are usually so reserved and simple when it comes to fashion. You'd expect a website like this from the Japanese - sorry about the stereotype. I mean hello --- icecream as a website background!!

So here are some of my favourite goodies:

What? What? You want more? Ok...

Now, yes the website is in German... Sorry peeps - but it's mostly pictures and you only need to be able to navigate through the menus. I think you will be fine using google translate.

Web: www.koolkatkustom.com

10 June 2010

I heart cloche hats

Sometimes I have to pinch myself a few times as a reminder that Kerry and I are both individuals and just because I am getting into red lipstick or hats, doesn't mean she will. So it was with surprise that Kerry wrote about head decorations in her Mitzi Delight post earlier this week. We must have been telepathically aligned across the big ocean (did you know Kerry is hanging out in San Diego right now?), as I had been planning to announce my love for cloche hats!

For anyone who wants to know: The cloche was a fitted, bell shaped hat which was worn pulled into the face that far, that you had to lift your head to be able to see. Many think that the cloche first appeared in the 1920s, but it was actually a little early from about 1908 when some hats resembled helmets. They were commonly made of felt and there were quite a lot of different style variations such as art deco decoration, feathers, ribbons or sequins - often applied to one side only.

The flapper was actually part of a changing society - being worn by women representing a more casual style. Once they became accepted style, they were a icon of feminity.

Personally, I've been convinced of the timeless style ever since watching Angelina Jolie in 'Changeling'.

Clockwise: Angelina Jolie in Changeling, Greta Garbo uploaded by kimintn , cut out hat uploaded by hartman045, ca 1925 uploaded by Gatochy

Here are some of my favourites that are currently available on etsy:

From top left counterclockwise: FeltFancy, BoringSidney, yellowfield7, bonniesknitting, manofhollywood

08 June 2010

Mitzi Delight: Gracing Locks

Hair goodies everywhere, seriously can't handle it. I've never been one to embellish my hair with a hat, ribbons, flowers, or any other worthy item. I have no reasoning for why, I mean I love it when I see someone do it right. So, why I haven't yet escaped the au natural, just rolled of bed look, I'll never know. But there's time for everything in my life, and one things for sure (and Bec will be sure to back me up) I'm not one to be rushed. I take my sweet time to do just about everything. Needless to say, I've had these poppets below do a damn fine job of getting me to sail to the other side of gracing my locks with happy, pretty, fab embellishments.

another day to dress up - Nothing like a round ribbed hat to brighten up a cute floral dress. This gal always gets it the right amount of done, not too much and not too little.

sea of shoes - Jane is ever the ostentatious glamour and she's not failed here in throwing a sweet pattern head scarf in the mix to compliment the colour of the hot pink top.

fashion forestry - I found this glamour as a stumbled across my usual daily haunts. Isn't she divine? Firstly the make up is awesome, but to boot the fascinator just brings all those pinks together to find one classic look.

calivintage - Erin has done the hat, occasional ribbon and turban thing along the tracks, but I've never seen her pull out a felt fascinator? (at least that's what I think it is). It's so adorable, I want one.

leproust vintage - We love a good cloche here. I love this one Kristin has found. It's borderline fascinator as it doesn't sit like a hat as much as some other cloche hats. Love the blue and red lip combo.

q's daydream - We are twins. Not often will you see this little lady wearing anything of the hair accessory kind, but here she's just primped up this outfit with a silk ribbon. Sometimes the simplest of touches can go a long way.

Once again, I'm left with a sense that today's hair situation must have a cute little item accompanying it.... Time to get creative.

07 June 2010

Add turban and mix!

This morning my hair was soooo due for a wash but I just couldn't be asked to go through the rigmarole of washing, condition, dry, straighten... So instead, I came up with a turban look! What do you think?

Also, having added a nanna jacket I bought for $1 (pride intended!) and some basics, I thought it might be a nice idea to show you a little bit more of the place I am currently living at - instead of a brick wall as a background. So voila... Encounter Bay!

Excuse the poor picture quality. I used my tripod and remote shutter release, but haven't really worked out how to focus the lense. So please bear with me.


Headscarf, bought at garage sale in Victor Harbor
Vintage Earrings, bought on Etsy
Jacket, bought at Opshop in Goolwa
TShirt, aquabella at SDS
Jeans, hand-me-down from Dora
Heels, Betts

06 June 2010

Polyvored Hangover

I'd say today's hangover sits at about a 4/10. Nothing too strenuous at this point and in all my glory and laziness I find myself sitting here scouring polyvore which seems to be becoming a regular daily occurrence. FYI: Amazing. It's not just about the clothes for me, because to be honest majority are far and above my dismal price range right now. I love the website itself, the styling, the idea to match this with that, every brand under the sun, and just clear, easy design which these days is few and far between. I'm such a nanna when it comes to those flashy whiz-bang websites, they really piss me off when I can't just do the simple things like check out some product and get some basic info on it. If anything, polyvore gives me styling inspiration above all else. I guess in my hazy consciousness, surrounded by Doritos and several bottles of empty water bottles I plucked inspiration off fuckyeahstreetstyle, one of my fave street style blogs for the goodies I selected for my 'wish list'. Sometimes, a girl can only dream right.....

These are all brands I have never purchased as new and nor do I plan to. Having said that, I refuse to take away from the fact that this simple idea of having a place you can come to with all these brands and mix and match in one fell swoop and see what's out there, is really handy. Much less an awesome resource for all of us out there who have our 'i have nothing to wear' days which we all know can be highly traumatic.

Now, back to my mini hangover. Hope you all had a fab weekend x

04 June 2010

Sitting Pretty

I had to go up to Adelaide for a work meeting today and because it was internal only (no clients), I decided to take a 'risk' and dress down a little. You see, I usually have to dress very corporate, formal and neutral but today I - at least - left the suit behind. I kept it pretty simple and hopefully not too boring for you guys.

The pictures were taken when I came back. I bought my first tripod and remote camera shutter release on my way back and couldn't wait to try them out. To add a little something to the outfit photo, I added the Marilyn book I am currently reading, these pretty "new" arm chairs (recent second-hand find) and a little sepia :)

When & Where:
Just an internal work meeting in town.

01 June 2010

Mitzi Delight: Real Vintage

There are so many outfit blogs around and they are great for everyday ideas on mixing up your wardrobe. The outfit photos which I have found the most inspiring lately are outfits blogs that contain real vintage clothes. I wish that I, too, had more ocassions to dress up in vintage gems like this and this. Here are my recent favourite outfits from across the blogosphere:

In order of the pictures above:

Vintage Vixen: Girl Scout Outfit
I love how Solanah always comes up with unusual, very vintage outfits. She never disappoints or bores. This one is a beauty too - who would have thought to dress in a vintage scout uniform?

Diary of a Vintage Girl
Fleur is another one who seems to wear real vintage only. Her hair, make up and dress is always immaculate and she is involved in the vintage scene, also working as a vintage pin up model in London. I love how feminine and put together she looks.

Le Proust Vintage
While not as classically vintage as my first two delights, Kristin from Le Proust Vintage impresses because she breaks the rules. I love this outfit: red on red on red. She has really made this vintage dress look modern again.