04 June 2010

Sitting Pretty

I had to go up to Adelaide for a work meeting today and because it was internal only (no clients), I decided to take a 'risk' and dress down a little. You see, I usually have to dress very corporate, formal and neutral but today I - at least - left the suit behind. I kept it pretty simple and hopefully not too boring for you guys.

The pictures were taken when I came back. I bought my first tripod and remote camera shutter release on my way back and couldn't wait to try them out. To add a little something to the outfit photo, I added the Marilyn book I am currently reading, these pretty "new" arm chairs (recent second-hand find) and a little sepia :)

When & Where:
Just an internal work meeting in town.


libys11 said...

amazing photos!! love the sepia accent to them! :D

Animated Confessions

Mitzi G Burger said...

Pearl earrings are so ladylike.

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