24 June 2010

Rantings: Socks and Heels

Thus far, this blog has been an expression of everything we like in fashion and style. The other day however, when I was thinking about fashion trends that I am not so fond of, I decided that I’m gonna do it. Have a rant. About stuff that drives me crazy when it comes to fashion.

Ok, so here is a topic that I am supposedly very qualified in: socks and sandals. I am German you see. You know the jokes. The Canadians share my pain. But unlike so many fashionistas who have recently been seen wearing socks with open toed heels or sandals, I do not buy into this trend.

Why did designers start this? Is it about breaking the rules? Maybe - but just because no one else is doing it, it doesn’t make it look good. Sure, sometimes breaking the rules can start new ideas, but all too often there was a very good reason why people didn’t wear something to start with. Like track suit pants and ugg boots outside the house. Not a good idea. But back to the socks and sandals.

All I can think of is: “Do you want to look like a German tourist? Are you going to wear a bum bag with that?“ Of course not.

So it makes me wonder whether there could there be any possible excuse to ruin pretty heels and dresses with socks? Mh... NO.

I can't remember who said it, but "If in doubt, always take one thing off." - Of course refering to simplicity in attire (get your thoughts out of the gutter ladies!). So why would you add socks? I can honestly say that every single outfit I have seen with heels and socks would have looked better without them. My call is, that this trend will be one of those 'eighties hair' moments in years to come.

Ok, your turn. Vote ‘Yes’ for "I'd wear socks & heels" (I won’t hold it against you, hehe) and ‘No’ for "I would never wear socks and heels". Once you’ve voted, you’ll see the result of the poll so far.

Would you wear socks with heels?


Anthea said...

I haven't worn any socks with sandals so for. You're right, most outfits would look better without the socks.

I am however a fan of being warm and a fan of wearing shoes I love. So, perhaps on a cold day I'd wear a pair of socks with a pair of killer heels. They'd have to look really good though.

I think Louise Ebel has pulled off wearing her platforms with black tights: http://www.misspandora.fr/xix-le-soleil-heliopolis/?lang=en

They're not socks though.

Bec said...

Hi Anthea, thanks for your comments - keep in touch and let me know if you make up a socks and heels combo you really like!

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