25 June 2010

Thank You Bag Doctor

Some professions are way undervalued. Like people who repair leather bags. I went to three places trying to get the straps of my favourite bag reattached, but all said, they can't sew through leather that thick (4 layers). Until I found Brian, The Bag Doctor (yes, that's the real name of his business). He did the best job ever. He refurbished my whole bag. Inside the straps, bag and flap, there was vinyl (only the outside pieces were leather) - he replaced them all and it looks like new. So so stoked.

Brian, I give you a medal. Ok. And a showbag.

  • T-Shirt, Sportsgirl
  • Scarf, Sportsgirl
  • Jeans, Sportsgirl
  • Skate shoes, shoe shop in Leipzig, Germany
  • Bag, second-hand on Ebay
PS. Most of our readers would have noticed by now that we wear a lot of Sportsgirl. We both used to work there, so for years, that's all my wardrobe consistet of. Now I mainly buy second-hand, but still mix with some leftover SG clothes. Maybe they could sponsor us ;)

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TheMadTwins said...

again we love the second picture and Love the bag!
We are going to follow you guys! you have a great blog!

loves, the mad twins!


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