28 June 2010

It's too cold for this little owl

Ok it's officially freezing in South Australia. I can hear our northern hemisphere readers say "she wears this when it's cold?" Well, it's kind of cold - you know, under 10 degrees celcius some days? But it feels like minus 10!! You know why? Because Australians just can't be bothered building and fitting out houses for the cold weather. In all the places I have lived here, i've been freezing inside! It's just not well insulated, and if it is, there are no central heating systems. So you end up crowding around a little electrical heater or hug the fire place in a quest to stay warm. Can't wait to build my own place here one day. It will have double windows, insulation, double everything. Maybe I'll even put in floor heating. Yes. Definitely.

Anyway, with all this coldness, I am close to giving up on dressing in an interesting way and just wear jeans and big big jumpers... But that would be boring for you lovely readers so I wore this little combination to my friend's birthday wine tour instead.


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