20 June 2010


I'm surprised it has lasted me this long to talk about this lovely lass. OH MY GOD... If you have not yet seen (500) Days of Summer, then I highly suggest you hightail it to the whatever and watch it. It's such a happy, thought-provoking film. Aside from the quality of the film though, my fave part is Zooey Deschanel. Love her.

She's such a quirky, mad mess. She has these boggly, lost eyes that cause intrigue. It's very strange but unexpectedly endearing. To top off her great acting ability, the girl sings as well. And she's damn good. Why is it that the artsy folk manage to be good at more than a few fields?

Anyhoo, I'll be keeping my eye out for some more art from this girl. She's rocked my world up till now. Hope she keeps choosing good films to play in, nothing that brings me more sadness than a let-down to someone I love watching. Keep up the awesome work Zooey... A + from me! By the way, does anyone know any other films she's in that I can enjoy on my days off?


Anonymous said...

isn't she fabulous! but at her concerts she didn't allow any photography or video! well, at least she wasn't very fond of it! but i still managed to take some! hehe love her vioce and talent! such a cutie indeed!

some of my posts: ( hope it's okey, if i link here)




wishing you a lovely sunday!

Mitzi Loves Opshops said...

saw your post, love it! just wrote on the posts :)

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