10 June 2010

I heart cloche hats

Sometimes I have to pinch myself a few times as a reminder that Kerry and I are both individuals and just because I am getting into red lipstick or hats, doesn't mean she will. So it was with surprise that Kerry wrote about head decorations in her Mitzi Delight post earlier this week. We must have been telepathically aligned across the big ocean (did you know Kerry is hanging out in San Diego right now?), as I had been planning to announce my love for cloche hats!

For anyone who wants to know: The cloche was a fitted, bell shaped hat which was worn pulled into the face that far, that you had to lift your head to be able to see. Many think that the cloche first appeared in the 1920s, but it was actually a little early from about 1908 when some hats resembled helmets. They were commonly made of felt and there were quite a lot of different style variations such as art deco decoration, feathers, ribbons or sequins - often applied to one side only.

The flapper was actually part of a changing society - being worn by women representing a more casual style. Once they became accepted style, they were a icon of feminity.

Personally, I've been convinced of the timeless style ever since watching Angelina Jolie in 'Changeling'.

Clockwise: Angelina Jolie in Changeling, Greta Garbo uploaded by kimintn , cut out hat uploaded by hartman045, ca 1925 uploaded by Gatochy

Here are some of my favourites that are currently available on etsy:

From top left counterclockwise: FeltFancy, BoringSidney, yellowfield7, bonniesknitting, manofhollywood

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