29 July 2010

Greetings from Paris - A tent by Georges Rech

Yewwww another treasure find and again from Paris! A jumper from Georges Rech of Paris (check out the women's lookbook it's fab). The only problem is that it's an extra large. As guess I could just eat and eat and eat. Or I could be creative and wear the jumper as a dress. OK, Ok! So it's a dress then. Here we go:

  • Jumper, second-hand George Rech
  • Scarf ?
  • Belt, Second-hand Goolwa
  • Jeans, Jay Jays
  • Boots, Wittner
PS. the funny thing is I didn't even know about George Rech before buying this jumper, I just had a feeling that it's something not crappy based on the label. Lucky me!

27 July 2010

Raving about... A Cat of Impossible Colour

Always looking out for fellow opshoppers, I recently discovered the New Zealand blog 'A Cat of Impossible Colour' and am delighted by Andrea's style. It's very vintage, sweet and creative (and usually looks very comfy which is always a bonus in my books). Talking about books, Andrea is a writer originally from Zimbabwe with her next piece of writing being published next March!

Anyway, back to opshopping: I am dying to go to New Zealand now for some good old treasure hunt through the opshops.Based on Andrea's finds (the majority of her clothes are thrifted). Take it away:

PS. You might have noticed that today's post is titled "Raving about... ". It's just a small title change from what we used to call 'Mitzi Delight'. This is one of the few changes you will see over the next four weeks. Stay tuned.

26 July 2010

Starring as: Secretary

And off to another work week. I want to find some ways of spicing up my work outfits - maybe with this polka dot scarf as belt? Well the shoes are really a match to make it a little funkier, but unfortunately not something I could really wear at work (toes=taboo).


25 July 2010

So you think you know Ruche?

I haven't had the chance to go opshopping to any new stores recently (I've just been doing my regular visits of the V.H. opshops), but hopefully in two weeks I'll do another big Adelaide mission and a Sydney shopping trip as I'm there for work during the week anyway.

So in the meantime, a bit more online shopping: Ruche - A modern boutique with a vintage touch.

I though 'everyone' knew about this, but I guess not because Kerry asked me 'what is this Ruche thing' when showing her my latest acquisitions via skype video... I like the clothes and shoes:

But really, the accessories are the best part:

The Lookbooks are great for inspiration and if you join their facebook site, you can get updates such as specials...

Ok, now I'm going to plan out my next few weekends :)

23 July 2010

If I wish for it enough, it might become summer

Even though days are apparently becoming longer and the weather god has been pretty kind, I still can't wait until it's nice and warm again. So in the meantime, I am entertaining myself by borrowing clothes from friend's wardrobes and making up new outfits. Summer greetings to the northern hemisphere!


22 July 2010

Rants & Raves: Leggings as pants (please vote)

Now in its third installment (thanks everyone who has voted in the previous two!), in today's Rants & Raves, I want to discuss another trend of recent years which has been bothering me a lot:

Leggings worn without anything else. Leggings worns as pants!

Please tell me, since when is gym gear alright to wear in public places like shopping centres, schools, band gigs as a fashion item? Would you wear tights without anything too? Most likely not!

Why not? Because it's pretty much like walking around in your underpants. Or would you wear your bikini at the airport?

Apart from the pure inappropriateness (is this a word? I sure hope so) - cover your private parts please - wearing leggings by themselves makes an outfit look incomplete.

And to point out the obvious, it just isn't flattering for most body shapes.

I bet opinions will be split again as I can see on this chictopia discussion, but please let me know via voting button: do you wear leggings as pants yes or no?

Would you wear leggings as pants?

20 July 2010

A French Connection

What is it about the French that I find so fascinating? Is it their impeccable taste, their ability to make everything look like a romantic escape or their sweet and sour demeanour that gets me every time? Well, while I might still be stumped by these lingering questions, what I do know is that this happy threesome has created many more for me. While I don't know their life stories, I can see by simple blog connection that these three are a tight knit bunch. While all of their blogs come from different inspirations, they reveal the same days/outings, but through very different eyes/lenses. This reminds me why I love the blogging world so much, you get to peak into someone's life, wardrobe, thoughts but just how they want you to.

From left: Sacha Dumain, Tony Stone (Wolves & Bucks), Adeline Rapon

This girl has been amazing me ever since I stumbled across her blog a few months ago. Aside from kick ass photos, her lazy androgyny keeps me coming back. Each of her posts has a different feel, but every single one of them makes you feel like you are there with her in her bedroom, out with her french pals or walking the streets solo. The photo below I think depicts Adeline's style to a tee.

The official photographer of the bunch. I haven't been taken back by a photo in a while, but once I found this blog, I have been inspired ever since with my own photography. Fashion falls into his blog by default not by force, he makes you want to be there with him looking through that lens to see what it is he sees. A true talent in my amateur eyes. This photo got me, I love his sandals and long hair.

From what I can fathom, this is Miss Adeline's man. This is the beauty behind the camera for Adeline. Despite Tony's amazing work on her blog though, his own lifestyle shots are a real treat in themselves. I just love how his photos change between her blog and his own. His use of colour is so delicious and homemade. I love this photo, so casual and a moment between friends.

So now I dream of being holed up in a rundown Parisian apartment with nothing but bed hair, an oversized nightie, cigarette and bare feet to accompany my sublimely French life. I think it's time for me to organise that overdue elope to Paris . These blogs unknowingly sold me that country once again!

19 July 2010

Charity boots love - yayyyyy

Last week, I introduced you to my new darling boots that I bought on etsy. I told you I had bought two other which ended up being too tight. So you will not believe my luck. I went into this charity store after a chiropractor appointment - you know just to walk around for a while. And there they were - the perfect simple boots in exactly the right size. For A$20!! So stoked. I haven't had a lucky find like this, so now it's extra special.

Freaky haha, I was getting bored just posing pretty.


Ps the apparent stains on the boots are from running back and forth on wet grass to set up my tripod...

18 July 2010

Rag & Bone Resort 2011

Despite is being 1000 degrees here in San Diego I had to slot this snippet of the Rag and Bone Resort 2011 collection. I love every item in it. That mustard and red has me envisioning the next season already! My eyes are all over that mustard scarf and those military style harems.

Best collection I've seen in a long time.

16 July 2010

Starring as: Teacher

When Kerry was still in Barcelona, she did an outfit post with a checkered skirt in a librarian look. So here is me as a teacher. I have had this skirt since summer, having come across it in a RSL fundraising sale. This grandma cardi, I found in Salvos the other day and all together I think I make a scary looking teacher - what do you think?


13 July 2010

Mitzi Delight: Upcoming Blogs

I love the fact that there are so many blogs popping up all the time - it's a real sign of this generation having its own voice, wanting to expressing something about oneselves and reaching out to others.

Here are some of the blogs I like which don't have a huge following yet, but surely will soon:

I actually found this blog through comments on our blog. It's a dutch blog which was started in May this year. The mad twins are so cute and always post interesting, various topics.

Fashion My Legs
This blog is very 'nice' i.e. only concerned with tights - featuring different (mostly) fashion bloggers sporting outfits with tights. And there are always great! I just love it how she finds the most amazing kinds of tights and stockings. Mental note: buy more tights.

Tick Tock Vintage
Alright I got a blog crush!! I love every single on of Veronika's outfits. I would wear every one. There is a certain simplicity, femininity and elegance to all her outfits. She's only been blogging since April and has a good following already. Must keep visiting.

12 July 2010

It suits

I don't usually really cross over outfits between work and play, but as I've just bought a new suit and been constantly working on a project and lounging around in comfy clothes at home on the weekend, I thought I might show you what I've been wearing at work.

I had been thinking about buying a new suit for years, yes really. It's such a huge expense as there are just no quality suits in the lower price bracket. When roamed the shopping centre two weeks ago with a friend, I went into herringbone first and ended up there at the end. I am pretty disgusted by the small range of choice of quality suits across all other Australian retailers. Maybe I should start one? Anyway, I had the choice of two suits that I liked, one navy pinstripe - very classic corporate and this black, super comfy suit. The pants I so nice, nothing is tight. It's a little bit like an evening suit, or lounge suit but I don't care. I probably end up buying the other one in a few weeks anyway. For too long have I been only investing in my out of work wardrobe.

11 July 2010

I could have made it myself (but didn't)

You know when you see hand made jewellery and think "I could make this"? It happens to me all the time but I dont make any myself anyway! Now I live a busy life working full-time, blogging, coooking, pursuing photography and somewhere fitting in my friends. So this post is in celebration of all crafty people who make pretty things for me to wear!

First up (drumroll please): Necklaces

All etsy sellers: 1.Whiteowl 2. CreationsbyM 3. SaritasJewelryBox 4. Irregular Expressions

Secondly, Rings:

All madeit.com.au sellers: 1. Epheriell 2. Sparkling Dragon Designs 3. Buttons by Lou Lou 4. Beyond the ordinary

And lastly, rad random things which I just had to post (from a German site):

Sellers from dawanda.com 1.karlita 2.Rockyournose 3. Petitepraline 4. Aramar

09 July 2010

Boots love!!

So I had been on a hunt for boots for the Australian winter for the last 6 months, without much luck. I ended up buying three pairs - one flat brown pair, one dark pair with heels and this army style. The first two ended up being to tight, and now I'm selling them on ebay (here and here - have a look if you have narrow - average size 8.5 feet and have been looking for the perfect boots). Devastated...

So the only one that fit me was this army style pair, which is quickly becoming my favourite! I wore them with skinny jeans the other day, but today I decided to try them out with this winter skirt. The skirt is probably better with heels, but I just couldn't resist the comfort.

I wore a coat with that too of course...

05 July 2010

Take one denim piece, add simple white top...

... a few finishing touches and you've got a classic combination turn a few heads (I hope hehe).

Hat: borrowed
Earrings: Sportsgirl
Top: Ebay
Jeans: Jay Jays
Belt: Second-hand Goolwa
Shoes: Charles & Keith

02 July 2010

A boho of a time

I love it when one piece of clothing changes the whole look of an outfit. Like this cardigan. Kerry gave it to me ages ago and it's still a favourite.


01 July 2010

Channel the Brow

I, like many others, have fallen prey in the past to the over-plucking of the eyebrows. It's a basic mistake often made when you're about 14 years old and you just discovered what tweezers were for. It was cool for a moment, but like every trend, some have a use-by date for a reason. And thanks to whoever, the thick brows are back in and I'm loving it. It helps shape the face so well, and makes for a stronger look. I chose some local Aussie beauties who are representing the thick brow in the best way poss.

Ruby Rose, Abby Lee Kershaw, Miranda Kerr - All photos from Google images

Had to post this pick of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I would say most of the time these girls' pouting kinda bothers me, but in this photo, those brows overcome all annoyances I may have had in the past. Gorgeous!!!!

My brows are a work in progress..... I need to stage an intervention with my tweezers as of next meeting. It's a new beginning.