11 July 2010

I could have made it myself (but didn't)

You know when you see hand made jewellery and think "I could make this"? It happens to me all the time but I dont make any myself anyway! Now I live a busy life working full-time, blogging, coooking, pursuing photography and somewhere fitting in my friends. So this post is in celebration of all crafty people who make pretty things for me to wear!

First up (drumroll please): Necklaces

All etsy sellers: 1.Whiteowl 2. CreationsbyM 3. SaritasJewelryBox 4. Irregular Expressions

Secondly, Rings:

All madeit.com.au sellers: 1. Epheriell 2. Sparkling Dragon Designs 3. Buttons by Lou Lou 4. Beyond the ordinary

And lastly, rad random things which I just had to post (from a German site):

Sellers from dawanda.com 1.karlita 2.Rockyournose 3. Petitepraline 4. Aramar


TheMadTwins said...

this post is awesome ö
such nice jewels Ö


Mitzi G Burger said...

I also have a fondness for original and hand-made jewellery. These are great images - I especially like the ring with the watch cogs.

Bec said...

i know... i wish i would do handmade things...i should. but when? haha. why do I have to go to work?

anyway... if you guys find any other cool handmade items - let me know!!


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