26 July 2010

Starring as: Secretary

And off to another work week. I want to find some ways of spicing up my work outfits - maybe with this polka dot scarf as belt? Well the shoes are really a match to make it a little funkier, but unfortunately not something I could really wear at work (toes=taboo).



Anthea said...

Love this! The polka dot belt is a nice addition. Wow, they are quite strict at your work! I can wear pretty much anything so I go extremely casual. Maybe too casual at times.

Love those shoes :)

Embracing Style

Bec said...

hi there anthea... thank you!
what's your wardrobe for work? I am always so envious of people who can wear what they want at work haha...
but sometimes I like the more formal look - it gets me into the 'zone'.

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