25 July 2010

So you think you know Ruche?

I haven't had the chance to go opshopping to any new stores recently (I've just been doing my regular visits of the V.H. opshops), but hopefully in two weeks I'll do another big Adelaide mission and a Sydney shopping trip as I'm there for work during the week anyway.

So in the meantime, a bit more online shopping: Ruche - A modern boutique with a vintage touch.

I though 'everyone' knew about this, but I guess not because Kerry asked me 'what is this Ruche thing' when showing her my latest acquisitions via skype video... I like the clothes and shoes:

But really, the accessories are the best part:

The Lookbooks are great for inspiration and if you join their facebook site, you can get updates such as specials...

Ok, now I'm going to plan out my next few weekends :)

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