22 September 2010

Time to move to greener pastures....

The unusual silence here at MLO has not been a coincident. Having travelled interstate weekly in my corporate job for months now, I have found that there is just not enough time, energy or material (casual outfits are a rarity, so nothing too exciting to post) to keep up MLO the way I want it. 

Instead of continuing half hearted, I've decided to shut down the blog.

For now it has served its purpose, for me to explore how social media works, I've learnt a lot along the way and had heaps of fun. More importantly, I've discovered my love for photography and want to spend me free time developing my skills and creativity in this area. Please feel free to come by my flickr account, I am aiming to adding something there at least every two weeks.

Well, thank you to all readers, it's been great to have you! I'll leave you with my favourite MLO pics from the last 8 months... peace.

For now - adios! Love Bec

05 September 2010

It was the red heels...

Hey lovely readers, it's been a teeny bit quiet here for the last two weeks. I've been travelling so much, I've been needing some down time on the weekends. More updates soon.

In the meantime, you may like to feast your eyes on my new treasure - these red heels. I am so stoked I found them one evening in Sydney walking back from dinner, window shopping. I found the cutest shoe shop Alex & Alex and had to go back! I've since looked on the net and it seems, there is quite an Alex & Alex trend out there...

25 August 2010

Funky legs

Peeps I am sick, so no outfit photos this week. Instead, here are some funky legs from Les Queues De Sardines. All screen printed by hand... Looooooovely!

22 August 2010

A monsterous T-Shirt time.

I discovered the cutest T-Shirt site, brought to you from Germany. It's all about Monsters!!!

The best thing is, they have many different colours and both girl and guy T-Shirt styles. Oh you can design your own too!

I say monsterously cute!!!

More fun here.

20 August 2010

Cashmere Cat

  • Cashmere Dress, Ruche
  • Necklace, my grandma's
  • Tights, Target
  • Shoes, Wittner

18 August 2010

Ranting: Do you choose for your body shape?

I can't remember where I've come across it lately, but I was reading once again about body shapes. I know, many of us will be sick of what sometimes seems like stereotyping our bodies. But then I do have to say that I have a few friends who have a clearly different body shape than mine and thus look better in very different clothing styles.

Long story short, I decided to explore a little more online, as it would be nice to know what others look good in, not just how to dress myself. So to oust myself (wowee anyone with eyes can see on my outfit photos), that I am somewhere between a pear and hourglass, probably mainly due to my swimmer shoulders... Emphasis on the waist always looks good on me and with clenched teeth I admit it's mostly dresses that are the most flattering (so unpractical...). What about you?

I found three great websites, that take you through working out your body type, but then also give very specific dress styles for it.

Check it out and then please let me know what body shape you are:

Joy Wilson's Shape Guide

Shop your shape

The Chic Fashionista

What's your body shape?

17 August 2010

Magazine Alarm

I need another life to read... Just received five new books - some for the book club (nerd alarm!!), a few for business and finally some photography books. And these magazine:

Have you read any of these? I am already in love with the Vintage Life after browsing quickly through it.

16 August 2010

Blue at the market

I went to Willunga Farmers market with my friend and little friend on Saturday. I'd recently read about it in delicious magazine and as an apparent SA icon, had to check it out. I love the fresh food available here in South Oz. And we were not disappointed at Willunga Farmer's market. I bought everything I laid an eye on, ah well it was just too exciting!

What I am wearing is a recent find from my weekend in Sydney, did a bit of opshopping and found this blue jumper dress. 


13 August 2010

Can I be your muse?

George Rech by Daniele Jagot, read the history here.

12 August 2010

Down by the water

A bit of quality time down in Sydney's north is always welcome here. This is me going for a nice walk on a Saturday afternoon with a close friend. How puzzled we were to discover that there are these two random house boats!


10 August 2010

09 August 2010

I'm just a paper doll (or wrap it like a kimono)

I never thought I could have that much fun by myself, but ever since I've been taking outfit pictures of myself (=tripod master), I must admit I am quite taking to my little photo shooting activity.

Using fashion as a creative outlet means to push myself more and more beyond what I would have worn in the past. And it's funnnnnnnnnn.


08 August 2010

Mt Barker Opshopping: Eclectica

So finally I went on another little opshopping adventure of the Fleurieu Penninsula. This time, I went to Mt. Barker. I was only planning to go to opshops (a la second-hand) but to my surprise I found this full on vintage shop! In this little country town.

It's called Eclectica and run by Alison. A vintage clothing collector herself, she started the shop about two years ago. Clothing ranges from late 1800s to the 1960s. There are plenty of accessories too, including beautiful hats handmade by a local artist. Prizes are property vintage range i.e. over $65 for anything that's not small, but come on people, the hard work has been done for you.

If you are ever in the area (South Australians?), check it out:


11B Gawler Street, Mount Barker SA 5251
Tel: 8391 4240
Facebook here

05 August 2010

Vintage music, vintage clothes

I was thinking about all the things that inspire me, music being a huge influence. And so I was wondering whether there are any cool music  that have vintage clothes in it. I am sure there are many, but the one that I discovered, seemed so obvious and at the same time I'd never heard of it before.

It's this song by Paul McCartney - Vintage Clothes. I can't seem to find a music video for it, but the lyrics are very true.

There is also a short interview with P.M. here on the video. "What was going out is coming back"... Pretty cool, he's got still clothes from the 60s.

Anyway, I've decided I am going on a mission to find cool music video either with visual inspiration on vintage clothes or lyrics or maybe the atmosphere... Please let me know which ones you have come across.

02 August 2010

Winter casual layering comfort

 In an effort to stay warm, I am upping the layers whilst adding a little colour to keep a sunny mind :)

Oh yeah and I am entertaining myself with completely random photo shoots using items found around the house:

  • Bird scarf, second-hand
  • Flower scarf, Sportsgirl
  • Long sleeve top, Witchery
  • Blouse, borrowed
  • Vest, Kookai
  • Jeans, MGN
  • Boots, second-hand from etsy

29 July 2010

Greetings from Paris - A tent by Georges Rech

Yewwww another treasure find and again from Paris! A jumper from Georges Rech of Paris (check out the women's lookbook it's fab). The only problem is that it's an extra large. As guess I could just eat and eat and eat. Or I could be creative and wear the jumper as a dress. OK, Ok! So it's a dress then. Here we go:

  • Jumper, second-hand George Rech
  • Scarf ?
  • Belt, Second-hand Goolwa
  • Jeans, Jay Jays
  • Boots, Wittner
PS. the funny thing is I didn't even know about George Rech before buying this jumper, I just had a feeling that it's something not crappy based on the label. Lucky me!

27 July 2010

Raving about... A Cat of Impossible Colour

Always looking out for fellow opshoppers, I recently discovered the New Zealand blog 'A Cat of Impossible Colour' and am delighted by Andrea's style. It's very vintage, sweet and creative (and usually looks very comfy which is always a bonus in my books). Talking about books, Andrea is a writer originally from Zimbabwe with her next piece of writing being published next March!

Anyway, back to opshopping: I am dying to go to New Zealand now for some good old treasure hunt through the opshops.Based on Andrea's finds (the majority of her clothes are thrifted). Take it away:

PS. You might have noticed that today's post is titled "Raving about... ". It's just a small title change from what we used to call 'Mitzi Delight'. This is one of the few changes you will see over the next four weeks. Stay tuned.

26 July 2010

Starring as: Secretary

And off to another work week. I want to find some ways of spicing up my work outfits - maybe with this polka dot scarf as belt? Well the shoes are really a match to make it a little funkier, but unfortunately not something I could really wear at work (toes=taboo).


25 July 2010

So you think you know Ruche?

I haven't had the chance to go opshopping to any new stores recently (I've just been doing my regular visits of the V.H. opshops), but hopefully in two weeks I'll do another big Adelaide mission and a Sydney shopping trip as I'm there for work during the week anyway.

So in the meantime, a bit more online shopping: Ruche - A modern boutique with a vintage touch.

I though 'everyone' knew about this, but I guess not because Kerry asked me 'what is this Ruche thing' when showing her my latest acquisitions via skype video... I like the clothes and shoes:

But really, the accessories are the best part:

The Lookbooks are great for inspiration and if you join their facebook site, you can get updates such as specials...

Ok, now I'm going to plan out my next few weekends :)