12 August 2010

Down by the water

A bit of quality time down in Sydney's north is always welcome here. This is me going for a nice walk on a Saturday afternoon with a close friend. How puzzled we were to discover that there are these two random house boats!



Chaucee said...

Ooo that second house boat looks like a great retreat! Although I wonder how it does in storms. Do lamps fall over often?

TheMadTwins said...

lovely pictures ^-^
the place looks great =D
I love the purple scarf ^-^

kerry said...

love the photos!!!!! especially the first one, love what you are wearing, the darker tones look awesome on you :)


Bec said...

hey chaucee i wish i could have gone inside the houses, but someone lives there. bit strange especially looking at the first one right?

thank you lovely madtwins! t

kezzzzzaa cheeeers xxx

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