30 April 2010

Friday Find: Emanuelle Alt

Ok, I'm sorry. I know I said I am not really into designers and celebrities. That is true. But sometimes you find someone whose style you really like and they happen to be a celebrity/wear designer clothes.

May I introduce: Emanuelle Alt - fashion director of Paris' Vogue magazine.

Yes, I know some of you may think: "Wowee, I have never heard of her (insert sarcastic intonation)." Well I hadn't!! And I really love her style.

In a way, it's elegant rock with quite a sharp edge. Androgynous and mostly black. From the pictures I have been able to find, Emanuelle mainly wears slim cut pants, heals and structured blazers - and leather. Hair is down, add a belt and nice sunglasses. She keeps it fairly simple and also pretty consistent. You know it's a bit strange but her style reminds me of Michael Jackson - is that a bad thing?

The main thing I noticed is that she never sways far from her style. After looking at quite a few pictures, I initially thought 'that's quite boring', but then I decided it's actually a strength to keep with one style. Imagine how easy it wouuld be to get dressed! While she might not surprise with her outfits, she always looks elegant and casual at the same time.

So get out your mid-calf boots, skinny jeans, nice belt, simple T and finish of with structured jacket with sharp shoulders. Oh and please - keep your hair down, it softens the look!

28 April 2010

1950s Beauty & Make Up

I hadn't planned on making this a series, but after somekindofstyle.com commented she can't wait for the 50s, I guess I am obliged to continue the beauty decades (see previous 30s and 40s post) haha...
But I warn you - good things come in threes (only)...

So the 50s. All I can think of are the beautiful, feminine dresses... But let's look into beauty aspects.

Elizabeth Taylor

Most people who refer to 'oldschool hollywood glamour make up' mean the 1950s look. The 50s were all about feminity with women once again focused on finding a husband and becoming housewife. To find the right man, make-up and the right wardrobe were essential.

It involved:
  • Pancake make-up: To cover up any imperfections and to neutralise the face.
  • Peachy complexion using blushed and powder
  • Coloured, lush lips with darker reds for the evening
  • Liquid eyeliner for the evening
  • Thin arched eyebrows
  • Soft, curly hair and shorter hairstyles were in.
  • Pincurling and rolling (no hair dryers!) continued to give hair shape.
  • Perms were also used to get the hair pre-curled, but even then you would still set your hair to get it very neat
  • Hair spray became commonly used, making more complicated hair styles possible.

And of course I went on a hunt again and here are two tutorials. The first one is a Marilyn Monroe look and the second of Audrey Hepburn, which are quite different looks, but both from the 50s.

Marilyn Monroe:

Audrey Hepburn:

26 April 2010

The long and the short of it

Have you ever chopped off a dress you bought? I hadn't considered doing this with any of my dresses or skirts - mainly because I am scared of ruining a beautiful vintage number, but also due to my non-existing sewing skills. Until I saw a photo of myself...

But before I come to this, let me digress for two moments.

I want to show you that I am following through on my resolution to start wearing hats. This time I sneakingly borrowed one from my friend Danah's boyfriend, who is back in Paris...

And here are my new oxfords!! They are super thin and soft - they feel like dance shoes - and are very comfy! I am thinking about replacing the laces with black ribbon.

So back to that dress I was talking about. It's the dress I bought on my first Adelaide Opshopping trip. I wore it for a recent lunch outing. But when I looked at the pictures I took for an outfit post, I actually didn't like it at all. It needed to be chopped!
So here is the before picture:

Hat: borrowed
Dress, Salvos originally Target
Belt, from Vinnies
Tights, Sportsgirl
Oxfords, Steve Madden

And here it is once I chopped it off:

I like it better - what do you think?

25 April 2010

Teapots & Wooden Boxes

Funny story actually, I took this photo last night before heading out for some tapas and sangria with some friends in the hope that I would have some fashion story to reveal to accompany my outfit. But when I sat down today I decided that the major feature of the photo was our new household addition.

Dress: Pepa Loves
Belt: Salvos, Mona Vale
Shoes: Pull & Bear

Ok so we had a little freak out the other day! We hadn't purchased anything but clothes for the last month or so and felt that our humble abode was being neglected. The piles of books, magazines and other paper-like materials that filled our hallway gathering dust day by day had finally cracked us, so off we went into the city. After various unsuccessful attempts to find something that suited our taste, we headed home and decided on the old web search, much to our delight we got this GORGE teapot and matching cups from Oxfam, we didn't even know you could buy online at Oxfam! I love surprises.
To add to our luck, come mid-week we managed to score six wooden boxes from my flatmate's work for nicks. FREE!!!! God, how I love a no-dinero item, makes for a far healthier balance on the old credit card. They fit right in with the other household friends and so begun our obsession with interior decorating. We've been like website groupies ever since... Two of our faves: eatliveshop and Design*Sponge. You know what, I shouldn't even tell you this, as your time spent on the computer is now going to increase by a few hours at the very least. Get into it!

23 April 2010

Kate Moss - Less is more

Where does one begin with Kate?

I guess what I adore about Kate Moss is her effortless styling. I am sorry, but being a model surrounded by the creme de la creme of fashion and cash to burn DOES NOT equal taste by any means. I am yet to see an outfit of hers that isn't glory on the eye. Her everyday wear has that 'I just threw this on' printed all over it. She sticks to a no-fuss regime yet manages to look classic, refined and street all at the same time.

Signature style is something I feel strongly about. Look at the photos above, has she mixed it up yes, but within her comfort zone. Jeans, statement shoes, plain colours, minimal accessories and flyaway hair. This has nothing to do with trends and everything to with her ability to not overcomplicate matters.

All photos from Google images

I love the way her outfits above showcase a 'touch of glamour'. The leopard print coat and mixing of prints, fur coat and leather boots, vulgar on the rack, but Kate respects the item and leaves it be by minimising focus elsewhere. The outfit in the middle is the genius at work in my eyes. This is the line and simplicity I am looking for in my own style. Need to channel my inner minimalist (try saying that 10 times). What I would kill to be a fly on the wall in Kate Moss' house, just to see if the no-care attitude is real or just a facade.... Who cares though really, in my eyes, whatever process this woman is using to dress of a morning works for me!

22 April 2010

Being naughty - buying new...

Yes I admit it. Even though I buy 80% of my clothes second-hand, this outfit is nearly all new!

Blouse, bought at Vinnies, Sydney
Pants, Witchery bought on ebay
Socks, Target
Shoes, Betts

I bought the pants on ebay from Witchery, the socks are my favourite new discovery from Target and the shoes are my cheap version of the famous Seychelles everyone else seems to be wearing - from Betts, they are not leather, but will do the trick for a while. Only the blouse is second-hand (another flower blouse... wait for it I have more!).

Here are the shoes and socks I am so excited about:

Well, I am off to take this little outfit out for dinner.

21 April 2010

1940s Make Up & Beauty

Last week I wrote about the 1930s look and posted some video tutorials. This week it's the 1940s!

Personally, I am a much bigger fan of this look, with more natural eyebrows and lips filled within the natural lines.

Key features of 1940s make up were:
    • Foundation: matched to your natural colour - moving away from the pale look of the 30s.
    • Cheeks: Rosy pink
    • Brows: Well plucked but full, arched eyebrows - moving away from thin eyebrows of the 30s. Brush with matt eyebrow power, set well with either eyebrow wax or vaseline.
    • Eyes: no eyeshadow or neutral cream base. Lots of mascara on top lashes only.
    • Lips: Focus was on full lips, the top lip rounded (unlike 1930s make up). All colours reds, fuchsia - anything to impress. The 40s were the golden age of lipstick!
      As I'm still not quite ready to do my own tutorials, I again went on a youtube hunt to illustrate what 1940s beauty and make up was all about:

      No 1: Basic 1940s beauty routine

      While very basic, I really love how these ladies put emphasis on looking after themselves.

      2. And here is a more comtemporary version of 1940s make up - by the fabulous strawberrykoivintage:

      Et voila! Now off you go and look after your eye brows and put on some pretty lipstick :)

      20 April 2010

      Mitzi Delight: I'd wear that

      As introduced by Kerry last week, I now continue our weekly Mitzi Delight post. This week it's streetstyles which I would wear.

      You know, it's always weird when you make yourself choose pictures that somehow represent your style - and then show them to others. One becomes quite self-consciou. "Is this really an interesting outfit?", "Would this look good on me?" or "Would I really go outside like this?" are some of the questions which went through my mind.

      So, here are my choices:

      I wish that I could conduct a little "Guess what Bec likes about this look" survey, but in the absence of such technology and immediacy of blog posts, I will just tell you!

      1. trendycrew.com: Elisa, Paris Fashion week: I usually prefer 'normal' people's streetstyle outfits because they seem more real and like something I could actually achieve - rather than the polished designer looks which require huge amounts of money and the motivation to follow every trend.

      But I still decided to pick this photo. After all I can just use designer looks as an inspiration and adopt aspects of a look into my opshopped outfits.

      So what I love about this are the colours and the shape of the garments. Pretty pinks paired with mustard! I wouldn't even have thought of putting them together. I love the loose legs of the pants with the edgy cut of the blazer.

      2. Vanessa Jackmann:This picture is of a girl-recently-turned-model. I like that she hasthat casual-comfort-first look while still looking so elegant! I guessit's a little 60s with a touch of 70s school girl. Love the layers andthe floppy hat - a little unexpected but fun!

      3. Facehunter: I don't know what to say about this. Clean lines, elegant, no try hard fashion. These are the type of clothes one often forgets to buy in an attempt to look interesting, different, colourful. But as they say, classic style always lasts. Beautiful.

      So for me key take aways here are:
      1) Try unusual colours and mix them.
      2) Go for comfort with an edge and make it fun.
      3) Always have some quality, timeless, elegant pieces in my wardrobe.

      19 April 2010

      Going to the farm

      Yes, the Mitzi girls are Etsy obsessed! As described in my previous post, I bought this dress one evening on a mission to add some casual dresses to my wardrobe.

      Dress, bought on Etsy via MsMod $13.95
      Hat, borrowed and old
      Necklaces, gift from my mum
      Shoes, Novo shoes

      I think it has an air of sophisticated farm life to it - I don't know why. Playing around with accessories, I picked up the straw hat my godmother had hanging in the kitchen - and I love the combination so much, I am on a hunt to find myself one (maybe minus the flower).

      I love the waist belt, it really gives the otherwise super comfy dress some shape. Oh and did you notice? It has pockets!!

      Off to have a lady's farm lunch ;)

      18 April 2010

      Bloglovin installed! Yay!

      Follow my blog with bloglovin

      Adelaide Opshopping Number 2

      Oh Adelaide... People always make snide remarks about this town, but having visited over the past nine years I already had my doubts - after all I always had a good time there. Now after living in SA for a few months - I am ready to stand up and fight! I have fallen in love (this seems to happen to me a lot lately, I know).

      In my dreariness (I think I was fighting a cold), I still dragged myself out last Sunday for my second opshopping trip up to town - read about my first one here.

      This time I visited:

      North Adelaide Vintage and Fashion Fair

      This market is held in the beautiful historic Estonia house. It is well worth a visit. There are lots of stalls selling vintage, retro, designer fashions, preloved clothing, shoes, jewellery and accessories, records and antiques. There is plenty of variety and prices vary. One thing is for sure, there are some genuine vintage items, so I will be back!

      Then I ventured out to Croydon where I hadn't been before - and this is what convinced me that Adelaide is truly unique. Queen Street, where both Hype & Seek and Azalia's boutique are located, is just so cute - a hidden gem. 

      Hype & Seek 
      While the selection of clothes is not too large - well ok I'm being picky because there are three racks chockerfull of ladies' clothes and they even have men's vintage - other items really caught my eye. They sell cool old furniture, records, lots of purses (!)

      3 Elizabeth Street, Croydon, SA 5008
      See some more pics on their facebook page

      Azalia boutique 
      Primarily known for its jewellery design, Azalia's boutique also has a great range of new and vintage clothes. Great place to visit if you want to mix old, new and accessorise as well.

      5 Elizabeth Street, Croydon SA 5008

      Nadia's House of Serendipity

      Now I usually prefer highlighting only favourite stores, but this one has got me - I just don't know whether to love or hate it! It is crammed full of clothes, most of which fall more in the 'retro' category than into vintage. The range of cowboy boots was staggering, there were so many accessories and all that buying directly from the public only! I think I have to visit again to make up my mind.

      Shop 2, No. 4 Partridge Street, Glenelg SA 5045

      In my travels, I also discovered this free Adelaide magazine 'attitude' which covers fashion, entertainment and more in Adelaide. I found 4 more vintage shops in it and my database of Adelaide Opshops is now up to 38! So anyone who thinks there are no opshops or vintage shops in Adelaide - please contact me and I am happy to share my list :)

      16 April 2010

      Friday Find: Herr von Eden

      I've been reading a lot of German fashion blogs lately and have just discovered the German designer Herr von Eden. I've promptly developed a crush!

      Now don't be disappointed. There is no vintage fashion aspect to this. Quite the opposite. The style is classic-chic, suits with a twist of eccentricity. I bet it's the only suit label that advertises in music magazines...

      I really really love it. Maybe because I am constantly struggling with dressing conservative-corporate at work whilst expressing my own style.

      I like how the The Fashionisto put it: "Herr von Eden takes suits and infuses them with youth and spunk." You guessed it, he designs menswear too.

      Need convincing? Although I am not a huge fan of her's (sorry to disappoint), some of you might be interested to know that Lady Gaga wears sunglasses Herr von Eden designed in collaboration with MYKITA.

      I bloody love this little video shot in the Berlin store:

      Lucky for my purse you can't buy online. But watch out Herr von Eden - I'm coming back to Germany later this year!!!

      14 April 2010

      1930s Make Up & Hair

      Ever since the Hair & Make Up workshop I went to in Adelaide (run by Lindy Charm school for girls) I've been really interested in learning about (and trying) the hair and make up styles from the past. So I thought I'd share with you what I've found.

      Most of you know the look of the 1930s hollywood stars including Greta Garbo, Carole Lombard, Bette Davies and the absolutely fabulous, beautiful, amazing, talented, stunning (... you get the picture - I am biased as I am German too) Marlene Dietrich:

      For me, the key feature of the 1930s look are the thin eyebrows - plucked to oblivion. But let's break it down:

      1930s Make up

      • Skin: Pale skin, using ivory tones for foundation. Sometimes they even used bleach cream!
      • Eyes: As I said, thin thin eyebrow, but with big arches. Eyeshadows used were green, blue and browns. Lashes were long and curved and falsh lashes were sometimes used.
      • Lips: To achieve the famous 'rosebud' look of this era, you needed to overdraw the top lip, making the top lip seem more plump
      1930s Hair
      • Fingerwaves, lots of curls and waves
      • The snood became famous in this time

      Norma Shearer
      Greta Garbo
      Jean Harlow
      Bette Davies
      All pics from moviemaiden.com

      Want to try the look? Watch the tutorial by LisaFreemontStreet:

      As the look Lisa creates is quite strong and classic, I thought I'd also include a modern version - a Marlene Dietrich inspired make up tutorial:

      Next week, I'll write about the 1940s when eye brows became much more natural!

      13 April 2010

      Mitzi Delight: 4 Current Blog Crushes

      We are happy to present a new look for Tuesdays.... Welcome to Mitzi Delight. As I am sure you are all well aware, it takes some time to get regularity with a blog, and having only been in operation for a month (feels like forever!) we're getting the hang of ordering our posts and figuring out how we can bring these things to life at Mitzi. This concept came about as we realised there were so many awesome blogs out there that go (often) unnoticed, despite their quality and value.

      Here are 4 blogs we can't give up at the moment:

      From top left:

      Now, here is a girl doing something different. At least on the outfit front. I love the she splashes herself with the whole colour board. Ambitious as hell and I love it. Ok so some people can just 'get crazy' with out a care in the world, but I believe we all have a bit of this in us we just choose to ignore it and play it safe for fear of odd looks. Her posts make me want to mix my printed items up a bit and just throw something together and see how it goes. For me the androgyny and edgy side to her outfits is the inspirational part, it's a side I don't explore nearly enough. For me she is the one doing something different, none of the boring old trend stuff in this blog.

      This is a girl from Germany writing about her daily adventures. The cool thing is people in Germany don't dress up that much - high heels are often frowned upon, so it makes you think 'good on her', she is doing something outside her local environment. She loves her designer goods that's for sure, which isn't my personal cup of tea, however she rocks out and you can't avoid it. Her shoes are always a major feature. She mixes 'pretty, feminine, chic' with leather, tattoos and edgy heels so effortlessly. Genius.
      This is a true clothing diary! Originally, this gal wanted to cover all aspects of the fashion industry but as the blog grew organically she realised that her focus became her daily attire, and felt that if the outfit was done by just her, it was in fact something different rather than just posting other people's material. I love how she uses patterns, gets really creative with here outfits and doesn't stick to one particular style. Every outfit has some cool detail, even if it's just patterned tights or a weird collar. She experiments with lots of layering, different cuts, hems and lines. Oh and the best bit, she often pops in a hat for good measure, I love that, this is something I want to start doing. Her accessorising is one of the best I've seen along the blog track.

      This is a lovely, dreamy blog. It feels like she is a girl stuck in the woods, lathered in vintage every post. My fave part of this blog is the variety, there is always different people in the photos and tales of girly gatherings and the like. This girl lives the dream, or at least she portrays it very well. Great outfits concepts and glorious photography.

      So be sure to keep the suggestions coming in with treasures you come across, we love hearing about your finds and other great places you discover.

      12 April 2010

      I love 70s blouses

      It's hard to find nice patterned blouses that do not look cheap. When I do, I am extra excited because I really really love them - they are just fun, and a statement in themselves so one doesn't have to try too hard with the rest of the outfit. Here is one of my favourites:

      Usually I like wearing this one with dark denim or a high-waisted skirt, but I found these wide leg pants on ezibuy (I know... I am getting old) which I also like with the blouse.

      Glasses: Quay Australia
      Screw-on earrings, Vintage from Etsy
      Blouse, Vinnies Sydney
      Shoes, Tony Bianco

      I know that 70s blouses can be a bit 'hit and miss' sometimes, especially because of the strange fabrics, colours and collars. But keep trying, because I can guarantee you that you'll wear it all the time when you find a good one.

      Ps. I am still struggling with my camera settings and lighting a bit, so the green in the blouse looks a lot duller than it really is - bear with me, I am still getting to know my new friend the Canon EOS 500D...

      11 April 2010

      Recent Etsy Purchases

      I've had only limited time for opshopping recently due to lots of work travel to Sydney and living an hour out of Adelaide, so I've been giving etsy.com a bit of a work out. My poor friend Erin in L.A. had her house swamped with parcels and parcels to send to me...

      70s Secretary blouse from Dalena Vintage, $10
      80s Dress from Dalena Vintage, $17
      Daisy Flower blouse from MsMod, $11.95
      80s Tea dress from MsMod, $13.95
      Paisly Skirt, $13
      Vintage Marnie Skirt, $13

      Great bargains, don't you think?

      Anyway, today I am off opshopping. Going to check out the North Adelaide Vintage and Fashion fair. I will let you know how it went!

      09 April 2010

      Style Icon: Pattie Boyd

      For me Pattie Boyd is the quintessential 60's pinup girl.

      An English model during the early 60's in all her natural beauty became more famous for her relationships with George Harrison and later Eric Clapton. Despite her personal life however, her personal style was a distinct representation of popular fashion at this time. Pattie in all her photos, looks so fresh, natural and light and her personal style became heavily publicised during the 60's. However, it is clear that her style changed immensely during her time with Beatle George Harrison.

      Their experiences as a couple and their own individuality worked in unison to create an item that would today be dubbed "Harri-Patti" or "Geo-Pat" or similar for editorial entertainment. As a couple they really stood out and undoubtedly created a style that is mimicked today in many ways. It makes sense though, the people we hang around impact the way we do things, what we wear, and how we act, and for Pattie Boyd and George Harrison their personal styles were heavily affected by the other.

      I particularly love Pattie's hair, ever the flower child with her whispy fringe matched with her feminine threads. Thinking a 60's inspired post is on it's way....

      08 April 2010

      Pretend Opshopping: Bows & Bandits

      I’ve got a website crush: Bows and Bandits. Austrian. Vintage. Pretty!

      Ok, where should I start?

      Dresses! I think the original Austrian numbers are particularly charming.

      Hats. The number of stylish hats are amazing too!

      And my favourite: the shoes!
      Now to the best thing about Bows & Bandits: The website and design!

      The nerd in me loves the layout, navigation, vintage condition rating system and the quality of the photos. You can even shop by style... Clever clever.

      Check out the look books and streetstyle section - great inspiration.

      07 April 2010

      Something old, something new - going to a BBQ

      Haha! Do you like my rhyme?

      I was in Sydney on the weekend and had a casual bbq dinner to go to. This is what I threw together:

      Lace top, Recycled boutique, Goolwa SA
      Red singlet, Zara Germany
      Silk Scarf, Etsy
      Skinny jeans, MNG Germany
      Beltm H&M
      Heels, Tony Bianco

      Even though I've recently started thinking about moving away from wearing skinny jeans, I still liked this new (skinny jeans) and old combo (lace and vintage scarf).

      I think I was actually overdressed, especially wearing heels around someone's house - but Carry (SITC) has established the rules: shoes are part of the whole outfit!

      04 April 2010

      Opshopping: Remix Vintage Shoes, California

      Another Fab Guest Blog by Erin. Enjoy :) Bec

      Shoes. Beautiful, hand crafted, vintage inspired shoes.

      I would have felt bad standing over the table and drooling over some bright red ankle strap platform sandals except everyone there looked equally obsessed with one pair or another. Yes, there’s much satisfaction in finding a random pair of beautiful vintage shoes a second hand store but being surrounded by vintage style shoes is enough to make a girl giddy.

      Not only does Re-Mix have style after style, you can just order them up in your perfect fit, no discovering the shoes of your dreams only to find they’re not your size and then be left to contemplate how much pain you might be willing to suffer in order to wear them.

      Photos taken by Erin

      If you’re able to visit the store you’ll find yourself checking out the décor as much as the shoes and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

      Can’t make it in? Check out the website, they will ship across the U.S. and internationally. The price tags definitely aren’t vintage, but if you’ve been looking for a particular style without success or you can afford it, the splurge is worth it.


      Address: 7605 ½ Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA.

      Erin can be contacted at erin.ash.motter@gmail.com.

      03 April 2010

      Mitzi Delight - Spring Has Sprung

      Oh how I love Spring time... It makes everything feel more pretty, soft, happy and free. The minute the sun hits on a regular basis (depending where you live obviously), nature turns on its colours and its finally okay to walk out of the house in little more than a cardigan for security, this is my time to feel comfortable.

      I have never felt it more since I moved to Barcelona. Coming from Sydney, it shocked me how important the weather is to my fellow Europeans. I sense now, my own reliance on nature and the sun and how much we need it to enjoy each day. So along my merry searching, I have come across so many great posts to celebrate the Spring time, that I had to share them with you (with a little help from Erin from calivintage for inspiration).

      From top left:

      The minute I saw this post, I felt a sense of girly frolicking, picnics, parks, good wine and friends. Such great photos and the girls all look so happy and with a whole lot of style. Makes me want to get all my girlfriends and make a tea party somewhere pretty.

      Always a source of inspiration for me, especially with her use of colour. She is ambitious with her use of colour but always makes sure to represent each piece and not clutter the look. So spring, and love the use of browns to support the gorge red floral print dress? So not, a dress so Im going with the top combo all the way.

      These photos just remind of home in the sunshine. On the lake, relaxing, with friends and enjoying random banter and stories aplenty. Love this pink ruffle top, even though I wouldn't normally go for this colour, I think its going to have to make an appearance at some point just for some adventure.

      Ever fabulous, this lady never ceases to amaze me in the photo department. Just want to eat the photos she posts. She keeps everything always simple, chic and interesting. The jacket is to die for. And most importantly, ALWAYS wearing a smile, which isn't very common here in the fashion blog world.

      This little number is too cute. Erin always manages to keep her outfits super clean and minimal and her look is always so effortless. I often think people clutter, over-accessorise and over-do certain looks, the most stylish are never confused, always hitting the spot on the style they like without the bells and whistles.

      Welcome to Spring peeps, enjoy the sunshine, it's going to be a good one.

      01 April 2010

      Beauty Inspiration: Hedy Lamarr

      Austrian born actress (and engineer!) Hedy Lamarr is this week's beauty inspiration for me:

      She acted in pre-war movies in Germany, later in the U.S. (under the MGM label) but also also co-invented an early form of spread spectrum communications technology, a key to modern wireless communication! Don't you love a beauty with brains?

      Anyhow, this week I chose her as my beauty inspiration for her full lips and classic late 30s / 40s make up.

      Have a look at the necklace she is wearing! Not unlike the bib necklaces which have been cropping up all over the place over the past few months.

      Watch out for some vintage make up tutorials I will be posting over the next few weeks.