09 April 2010

Style Icon: Pattie Boyd

For me Pattie Boyd is the quintessential 60's pinup girl.

An English model during the early 60's in all her natural beauty became more famous for her relationships with George Harrison and later Eric Clapton. Despite her personal life however, her personal style was a distinct representation of popular fashion at this time. Pattie in all her photos, looks so fresh, natural and light and her personal style became heavily publicised during the 60's. However, it is clear that her style changed immensely during her time with Beatle George Harrison.

Their experiences as a couple and their own individuality worked in unison to create an item that would today be dubbed "Harri-Patti" or "Geo-Pat" or similar for editorial entertainment. As a couple they really stood out and undoubtedly created a style that is mimicked today in many ways. It makes sense though, the people we hang around impact the way we do things, what we wear, and how we act, and for Pattie Boyd and George Harrison their personal styles were heavily affected by the other.

I particularly love Pattie's hair, ever the flower child with her whispy fringe matched with her feminine threads. Thinking a 60's inspired post is on it's way....

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