13 April 2010

Mitzi Delight: 4 Current Blog Crushes

We are happy to present a new look for Tuesdays.... Welcome to Mitzi Delight. As I am sure you are all well aware, it takes some time to get regularity with a blog, and having only been in operation for a month (feels like forever!) we're getting the hang of ordering our posts and figuring out how we can bring these things to life at Mitzi. This concept came about as we realised there were so many awesome blogs out there that go (often) unnoticed, despite their quality and value.

Here are 4 blogs we can't give up at the moment:

From top left:

Now, here is a girl doing something different. At least on the outfit front. I love the she splashes herself with the whole colour board. Ambitious as hell and I love it. Ok so some people can just 'get crazy' with out a care in the world, but I believe we all have a bit of this in us we just choose to ignore it and play it safe for fear of odd looks. Her posts make me want to mix my printed items up a bit and just throw something together and see how it goes. For me the androgyny and edgy side to her outfits is the inspirational part, it's a side I don't explore nearly enough. For me she is the one doing something different, none of the boring old trend stuff in this blog.

This is a girl from Germany writing about her daily adventures. The cool thing is people in Germany don't dress up that much - high heels are often frowned upon, so it makes you think 'good on her', she is doing something outside her local environment. She loves her designer goods that's for sure, which isn't my personal cup of tea, however she rocks out and you can't avoid it. Her shoes are always a major feature. She mixes 'pretty, feminine, chic' with leather, tattoos and edgy heels so effortlessly. Genius.
This is a true clothing diary! Originally, this gal wanted to cover all aspects of the fashion industry but as the blog grew organically she realised that her focus became her daily attire, and felt that if the outfit was done by just her, it was in fact something different rather than just posting other people's material. I love how she uses patterns, gets really creative with here outfits and doesn't stick to one particular style. Every outfit has some cool detail, even if it's just patterned tights or a weird collar. She experiments with lots of layering, different cuts, hems and lines. Oh and the best bit, she often pops in a hat for good measure, I love that, this is something I want to start doing. Her accessorising is one of the best I've seen along the blog track.

This is a lovely, dreamy blog. It feels like she is a girl stuck in the woods, lathered in vintage every post. My fave part of this blog is the variety, there is always different people in the photos and tales of girly gatherings and the like. This girl lives the dream, or at least she portrays it very well. Great outfits concepts and glorious photography.

So be sure to keep the suggestions coming in with treasures you come across, we love hearing about your finds and other great places you discover.

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