23 April 2010

Kate Moss - Less is more

Where does one begin with Kate?

I guess what I adore about Kate Moss is her effortless styling. I am sorry, but being a model surrounded by the creme de la creme of fashion and cash to burn DOES NOT equal taste by any means. I am yet to see an outfit of hers that isn't glory on the eye. Her everyday wear has that 'I just threw this on' printed all over it. She sticks to a no-fuss regime yet manages to look classic, refined and street all at the same time.

Signature style is something I feel strongly about. Look at the photos above, has she mixed it up yes, but within her comfort zone. Jeans, statement shoes, plain colours, minimal accessories and flyaway hair. This has nothing to do with trends and everything to with her ability to not overcomplicate matters.

All photos from Google images

I love the way her outfits above showcase a 'touch of glamour'. The leopard print coat and mixing of prints, fur coat and leather boots, vulgar on the rack, but Kate respects the item and leaves it be by minimising focus elsewhere. The outfit in the middle is the genius at work in my eyes. This is the line and simplicity I am looking for in my own style. Need to channel my inner minimalist (try saying that 10 times). What I would kill to be a fly on the wall in Kate Moss' house, just to see if the no-care attitude is real or just a facade.... Who cares though really, in my eyes, whatever process this woman is using to dress of a morning works for me!


Charmaine said...

I agree celebrity/money does not equal style...take posh spice for example.

Erimentha said...

hello mitzi,
you have been nominated for an award on my blog. to enter, see details there.


Anonymous said...

me too! i can't tell you why but she is just plain cool to me! despite all the you know what... ;/

met her once in London and she was so sweet and nice!

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