30 April 2010

Friday Find: Emanuelle Alt

Ok, I'm sorry. I know I said I am not really into designers and celebrities. That is true. But sometimes you find someone whose style you really like and they happen to be a celebrity/wear designer clothes.

May I introduce: Emanuelle Alt - fashion director of Paris' Vogue magazine.

Yes, I know some of you may think: "Wowee, I have never heard of her (insert sarcastic intonation)." Well I hadn't!! And I really love her style.

In a way, it's elegant rock with quite a sharp edge. Androgynous and mostly black. From the pictures I have been able to find, Emanuelle mainly wears slim cut pants, heals and structured blazers - and leather. Hair is down, add a belt and nice sunglasses. She keeps it fairly simple and also pretty consistent. You know it's a bit strange but her style reminds me of Michael Jackson - is that a bad thing?

The main thing I noticed is that she never sways far from her style. After looking at quite a few pictures, I initially thought 'that's quite boring', but then I decided it's actually a strength to keep with one style. Imagine how easy it wouuld be to get dressed! While she might not surprise with her outfits, she always looks elegant and casual at the same time.

So get out your mid-calf boots, skinny jeans, nice belt, simple T and finish of with structured jacket with sharp shoulders. Oh and please - keep your hair down, it softens the look!


Charmaine said...

She is so thin...someone get this girl a burger.

Mary Rose said...

Love her style too Bec.. she always looks stunning but relaxed. That navy blazer is ah-may-zing :) Hope you're well - I'm really enjoying the blog! x

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