21 April 2010

1940s Make Up & Beauty

Last week I wrote about the 1930s look and posted some video tutorials. This week it's the 1940s!

Personally, I am a much bigger fan of this look, with more natural eyebrows and lips filled within the natural lines.

Key features of 1940s make up were:
    • Foundation: matched to your natural colour - moving away from the pale look of the 30s.
    • Cheeks: Rosy pink
    • Brows: Well plucked but full, arched eyebrows - moving away from thin eyebrows of the 30s. Brush with matt eyebrow power, set well with either eyebrow wax or vaseline.
    • Eyes: no eyeshadow or neutral cream base. Lots of mascara on top lashes only.
    • Lips: Focus was on full lips, the top lip rounded (unlike 1930s make up). All colours reds, fuchsia - anything to impress. The 40s were the golden age of lipstick!
      As I'm still not quite ready to do my own tutorials, I again went on a youtube hunt to illustrate what 1940s beauty and make up was all about:

      No 1: Basic 1940s beauty routine

      While very basic, I really love how these ladies put emphasis on looking after themselves.

      2. And here is a more comtemporary version of 1940s make up - by the fabulous strawberrykoivintage:

      Et voila! Now off you go and look after your eye brows and put on some pretty lipstick :)


      Anonymous said...

      hehe, lovely! can't wait for the 50s, my favorit period!


      Candycane said...

      I love the 1940's make-up look!!

      CC xXx

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