28 April 2010

1950s Beauty & Make Up

I hadn't planned on making this a series, but after somekindofstyle.com commented she can't wait for the 50s, I guess I am obliged to continue the beauty decades (see previous 30s and 40s post) haha...
But I warn you - good things come in threes (only)...

So the 50s. All I can think of are the beautiful, feminine dresses... But let's look into beauty aspects.

Elizabeth Taylor

Most people who refer to 'oldschool hollywood glamour make up' mean the 1950s look. The 50s were all about feminity with women once again focused on finding a husband and becoming housewife. To find the right man, make-up and the right wardrobe were essential.

It involved:
  • Pancake make-up: To cover up any imperfections and to neutralise the face.
  • Peachy complexion using blushed and powder
  • Coloured, lush lips with darker reds for the evening
  • Liquid eyeliner for the evening
  • Thin arched eyebrows
  • Soft, curly hair and shorter hairstyles were in.
  • Pincurling and rolling (no hair dryers!) continued to give hair shape.
  • Perms were also used to get the hair pre-curled, but even then you would still set your hair to get it very neat
  • Hair spray became commonly used, making more complicated hair styles possible.

And of course I went on a hunt again and here are two tutorials. The first one is a Marilyn Monroe look and the second of Audrey Hepburn, which are quite different looks, but both from the 50s.

Marilyn Monroe:

Audrey Hepburn:

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Anonymous said...

the 50s were the best! love love all the dresses, shoes, bag and of course the cute short cuts and make up! ;)

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