16 April 2010

Friday Find: Herr von Eden

I've been reading a lot of German fashion blogs lately and have just discovered the German designer Herr von Eden. I've promptly developed a crush!

Now don't be disappointed. There is no vintage fashion aspect to this. Quite the opposite. The style is classic-chic, suits with a twist of eccentricity. I bet it's the only suit label that advertises in music magazines...

I really really love it. Maybe because I am constantly struggling with dressing conservative-corporate at work whilst expressing my own style.

I like how the The Fashionisto put it: "Herr von Eden takes suits and infuses them with youth and spunk." You guessed it, he designs menswear too.

Need convincing? Although I am not a huge fan of her's (sorry to disappoint), some of you might be interested to know that Lady Gaga wears sunglasses Herr von Eden designed in collaboration with MYKITA.

I bloody love this little video shot in the Berlin store:

Lucky for my purse you can't buy online. But watch out Herr von Eden - I'm coming back to Germany later this year!!!

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