14 April 2010

1930s Make Up & Hair

Ever since the Hair & Make Up workshop I went to in Adelaide (run by Lindy Charm school for girls) I've been really interested in learning about (and trying) the hair and make up styles from the past. So I thought I'd share with you what I've found.

Most of you know the look of the 1930s hollywood stars including Greta Garbo, Carole Lombard, Bette Davies and the absolutely fabulous, beautiful, amazing, talented, stunning (... you get the picture - I am biased as I am German too) Marlene Dietrich:

For me, the key feature of the 1930s look are the thin eyebrows - plucked to oblivion. But let's break it down:

1930s Make up

  • Skin: Pale skin, using ivory tones for foundation. Sometimes they even used bleach cream!
  • Eyes: As I said, thin thin eyebrow, but with big arches. Eyeshadows used were green, blue and browns. Lashes were long and curved and falsh lashes were sometimes used.
  • Lips: To achieve the famous 'rosebud' look of this era, you needed to overdraw the top lip, making the top lip seem more plump
1930s Hair
  • Fingerwaves, lots of curls and waves
  • The snood became famous in this time

Norma Shearer
Greta Garbo
Jean Harlow
Bette Davies
All pics from moviemaiden.com

Want to try the look? Watch the tutorial by LisaFreemontStreet:

As the look Lisa creates is quite strong and classic, I thought I'd also include a modern version - a Marlene Dietrich inspired make up tutorial:

Next week, I'll write about the 1940s when eye brows became much more natural!

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