25 April 2010

Teapots & Wooden Boxes

Funny story actually, I took this photo last night before heading out for some tapas and sangria with some friends in the hope that I would have some fashion story to reveal to accompany my outfit. But when I sat down today I decided that the major feature of the photo was our new household addition.

Dress: Pepa Loves
Belt: Salvos, Mona Vale
Shoes: Pull & Bear

Ok so we had a little freak out the other day! We hadn't purchased anything but clothes for the last month or so and felt that our humble abode was being neglected. The piles of books, magazines and other paper-like materials that filled our hallway gathering dust day by day had finally cracked us, so off we went into the city. After various unsuccessful attempts to find something that suited our taste, we headed home and decided on the old web search, much to our delight we got this GORGE teapot and matching cups from Oxfam, we didn't even know you could buy online at Oxfam! I love surprises.
To add to our luck, come mid-week we managed to score six wooden boxes from my flatmate's work for nicks. FREE!!!! God, how I love a no-dinero item, makes for a far healthier balance on the old credit card. They fit right in with the other household friends and so begun our obsession with interior decorating. We've been like website groupies ever since... Two of our faves: eatliveshop and Design*Sponge. You know what, I shouldn't even tell you this, as your time spent on the computer is now going to increase by a few hours at the very least. Get into it!


Anonymous said...

oh, love the wedges! totally cute dress!


Anonymous said...

Love that dress!


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