03 April 2010

Mitzi Delight - Spring Has Sprung

Oh how I love Spring time... It makes everything feel more pretty, soft, happy and free. The minute the sun hits on a regular basis (depending where you live obviously), nature turns on its colours and its finally okay to walk out of the house in little more than a cardigan for security, this is my time to feel comfortable.

I have never felt it more since I moved to Barcelona. Coming from Sydney, it shocked me how important the weather is to my fellow Europeans. I sense now, my own reliance on nature and the sun and how much we need it to enjoy each day. So along my merry searching, I have come across so many great posts to celebrate the Spring time, that I had to share them with you (with a little help from Erin from calivintage for inspiration).

From top left:

The minute I saw this post, I felt a sense of girly frolicking, picnics, parks, good wine and friends. Such great photos and the girls all look so happy and with a whole lot of style. Makes me want to get all my girlfriends and make a tea party somewhere pretty.

Always a source of inspiration for me, especially with her use of colour. She is ambitious with her use of colour but always makes sure to represent each piece and not clutter the look. So spring, and love the use of browns to support the gorge red floral print dress? So not, a dress so Im going with the top combo all the way.

These photos just remind of home in the sunshine. On the lake, relaxing, with friends and enjoying random banter and stories aplenty. Love this pink ruffle top, even though I wouldn't normally go for this colour, I think its going to have to make an appearance at some point just for some adventure.

Ever fabulous, this lady never ceases to amaze me in the photo department. Just want to eat the photos she posts. She keeps everything always simple, chic and interesting. The jacket is to die for. And most importantly, ALWAYS wearing a smile, which isn't very common here in the fashion blog world.

This little number is too cute. Erin always manages to keep her outfits super clean and minimal and her look is always so effortless. I often think people clutter, over-accessorise and over-do certain looks, the most stylish are never confused, always hitting the spot on the style they like without the bells and whistles.

Welcome to Spring peeps, enjoy the sunshine, it's going to be a good one.

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