18 April 2010

Adelaide Opshopping Number 2

Oh Adelaide... People always make snide remarks about this town, but having visited over the past nine years I already had my doubts - after all I always had a good time there. Now after living in SA for a few months - I am ready to stand up and fight! I have fallen in love (this seems to happen to me a lot lately, I know).

In my dreariness (I think I was fighting a cold), I still dragged myself out last Sunday for my second opshopping trip up to town - read about my first one here.

This time I visited:

North Adelaide Vintage and Fashion Fair

This market is held in the beautiful historic Estonia house. It is well worth a visit. There are lots of stalls selling vintage, retro, designer fashions, preloved clothing, shoes, jewellery and accessories, records and antiques. There is plenty of variety and prices vary. One thing is for sure, there are some genuine vintage items, so I will be back!

Then I ventured out to Croydon where I hadn't been before - and this is what convinced me that Adelaide is truly unique. Queen Street, where both Hype & Seek and Azalia's boutique are located, is just so cute - a hidden gem. 

Hype & Seek 
While the selection of clothes is not too large - well ok I'm being picky because there are three racks chockerfull of ladies' clothes and they even have men's vintage - other items really caught my eye. They sell cool old furniture, records, lots of purses (!)

3 Elizabeth Street, Croydon, SA 5008
See some more pics on their facebook page

Azalia boutique 
Primarily known for its jewellery design, Azalia's boutique also has a great range of new and vintage clothes. Great place to visit if you want to mix old, new and accessorise as well.

5 Elizabeth Street, Croydon SA 5008

Nadia's House of Serendipity

Now I usually prefer highlighting only favourite stores, but this one has got me - I just don't know whether to love or hate it! It is crammed full of clothes, most of which fall more in the 'retro' category than into vintage. The range of cowboy boots was staggering, there were so many accessories and all that buying directly from the public only! I think I have to visit again to make up my mind.

Shop 2, No. 4 Partridge Street, Glenelg SA 5045

In my travels, I also discovered this free Adelaide magazine 'attitude' which covers fashion, entertainment and more in Adelaide. I found 4 more vintage shops in it and my database of Adelaide Opshops is now up to 38! So anyone who thinks there are no opshops or vintage shops in Adelaide - please contact me and I am happy to share my list :)

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Adelaide certainly gets a bad wrap... But there are very cool things to discover when you know where to look... I own Strato- Streak Vintage and we sell online and also at markets and classic car shows... We are currently in limbo between Adelaide and Ballarat :) Would love for you to stop by and browse our vintage/ retro items...


<3 Adriana

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