06 March 2010

Adelaide Opshops – The Beginning of a Love Affair

So, today was my first day exploring Opshopping-land in my temporary home town of Adelaide, South Australia (ok, I’m in Victor Harbor, but let’s be generous here...).

And what can I say? I’m in love!

My day began driving up to Adelaide listening to Fleetwood Mac, so I should have known that it was going to be a bright, successful day! I had so much fun – all the store owners were super lovely and I took lots of pictures with my new camera – an excitement in itself.

Today, I visited:
I will post on each of these stores separately because we’ve decided to attempt building a database of opshops / vintage shops (each listing needs to link to a short review) - more on that another time.

Here is what I found today:

New blue polka dot dress from Salvos (Target Brand)
Vintage flower Dress from Irving Baby (“The Dress Company, by Stitches”)
Two rings made from vintage buttons from Irving Baby (Handmade)
Vintage cookbooks from Salvos (sorry! I couldn’t help myself, I know it’s not fashion, but food inspires me too!)
Second-hand red and white stripe pants from Salvos (MNG Brand)

Until in a minute :)


Anonymous said...

These dresses are gorgeous. Will you be posting how much you pay for your finds? Just a sticky beak I am.

Bec said...

Hi there & thanks for your comment.
Great idea! We'll start including prices for our finds on opshopping trips.
From memory I paid:
$20 for the navy and white polka dot dress
$33 for the flour vintage dress
$14 each for the rings
$10 for the pants
$2.99 for each cookbook

Anonymous said...

I am a new adelaidian also, and am going crazy for the op shops here! Fortunately (or unfortunately for my wallet) there is one in walking distance from my house which updates stock daily -I'm a little obsessed! Nice finds!

Anonymous said...


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