19 March 2010

Style Icon: Twiggy

Twiggy in all her mod, huge-lashed, androgyny and gawky glory, was (and still is) a prominent style icon from the swingin' 60's. Whether you think she is attractive or just plain odd looking doesn't matter, the impact her look had on the fashion industry and on people's everyday style was huge. Her look disintegrated the barrier between what women wanted to wear and how men viewed them. In the early sixties women certainly did not wear pants, they did not have boyish haircuts nor did their dress emulate any possibility of masculinity. It was prim, it was proper, it was immaculate, and certainly feminine. Then along came Twiggy....

The more photos I see of Twiggy, the more I love what she did for fashion. Obviously it was not a single handed effort from the woman herself, helped along by stylists, brands, photographers and the like, but her meek appearance and soft demeanour created the visual appeal. She looks fun, carefree, awkward, vulnerable, child like, boyish and delicious in all her photos. I see so much of today's influence in Twiggy, makes me wish I lived the era, then again I am sure I see the 60's far more glamourously than what truly existed.

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