07 March 2010

Opshopping: Hero, Adelaide (AUS)

Hero is one of the first vintage shops I visited in Adelaide and I think one of the best!

It is a classic vintage clothing shop – where the owner has done thehard yards for you (digging through mountains of clothes to find a fewgems). It offers lots of vintage dresses from the 1940s-1980 and greataccessories. All the clothes are beautifully looked after, Shirley(hope I spelt your name right!) the owner obviously knows her stuff!

Surprise items for me were the amount of gloves and vintage hats Hero sells! Girl heaven.

The prices were surprisingly manageable – dresses ranged from $50-$180, accessories from $10-$100. Pretty good considering the excellent condition everything is in!

I didn’t buy anything this time, but will definitely be back when I need a dress!

Address: 5 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide, SA
Phone: (08) 8223 1626

Oh and by the way: I got chatting with the Shirley and she told me that a few months ago The Satorialist came in – who can beat that?!

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Shirley from HERO said...

Hi, you did spell my name right! Thanks for the lovely write up... just to clarify, i meant 'The Sartorialist' had been in Australia recently; sadly not HERO, but we welcome his next visit!

Look forward to more mitzi blogs

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