16 March 2010

An Education: Young & Old Alike

I have had the film An Education and it's fabulous wardrobe swirling around in my head ever since I saw it. I so admire the way folk of the late 50's and early 60's managed to prepare, primp, manicure, and refine their looks with such precision. The type of care taken in everyday grooming is enviable: the hair, make up, layers, changing of outfits. It's something that has definitely fallen by the wayside in recent years. Albeit a conformist way of dressing and not overly fun or unique, there is something very attractive about one who takes care of their style with such delicacy. I think the term I am looking for is: Appropriately Dressed. Something interesting I thought was there doesn't appear to be a huge difference between young women and older ladies in this film, they dress very similar, as do the men.

I love the way Jenny's outfits throughout the film depict how she is feeling and the different experiences she is having. She is so believable in both her school uniform and dressed up to the nines ready for a classical concert, the wonder of style through clothes.

On that note, I will leave you with my favourite quote from the film:

“It’s funny, though, isn’t it… All that poetry and all those songs about something that lasts no time at all.” - Jenny

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