12 March 2010

Etsy Gets Me

It's official, my Etsy obsession is now an addiction! I could peruse the online treasure pages of Etsy for days without even looking up from my screen. My room mates have 'grave concerns for my health and wellbeing' when I'm with Etsy! Now, the only minor (major really, but I'm trying to stay calm) issue at present is that moving abroad is an expensive venture so as a result my indulgences are forcibly being placed on hold (momentarily). But I refuse to stop looking, browsing and checking all my fave items in the hope that maybe they won't sell, go on sale and I'll snap them up cleanly with no worries at all, wishful thinking! But in all seriousness, not only is Etsy a fantastic hub of vintage and handmade items, it's set pricing so there's no rigmarole of bidding and waiting. You find, you buy, it's yours!!! Fortunately for you guys today I found too many goodies not to share.....

Black Oxford Heels: Eaten by Owls
Coral 40's Dress: Prance & Swagger
Lace/Silver Necklace: Hilary Koster Jewellery Design
Tan Pouch: Bayan Hippo
Tasmanian Wood Ring: that vintage

The coral dress reminds of something Jenny would've worn during her time with David (from the film An Education). It has that conformity to it with the high neck, but the shape and colour seem a little rebellious. I just love it, boo to my lack of funding!!!

At the moment, we are collecting items for our very own Etsy shop, so watch this space. Like all of our projects, it becomes our baby, so it will take some time for this to come to fruition but look forward to more little treasures to browse over during your Etsy stays!

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