11 March 2010

Opshopping: Irving Baby, Adelaide (AUS)

In the hope that my shopping rambelings aren’t boring you yet, I will sneak in one more shop review from my recent Adelaide trip, while it is still fresh in my memory: Irving Baby, Hindley Street Adelaide.

Originally I had planned to visit Irving Baby on Twin Street, but when I couldn’t find a car park, I’d decided to check it out another time. Then, wandering along on Hindley Street after going into Goodwill store, minding my own business, I thought I was bananas! There is Irving Baby. Where am I? Did I get lost??

Of course I upon enquiry I found out that there are two Irving Baby shops in Adelaide!

Original photos - by me
Well and what can I say. This is a fun shop, you just wanted to spend hours in there! Unlike the previous shop I wrote about, Hero, Irving Baby has a mix of wares – half vintage clothes, half handmade stuff with a few new clothes thrown in. Vintage clothes include dresses, shirts, shoes, bags and belts. And prices are very reasonable – after all I bought the flowery dress for about $30.

The funnest part are all the handmade things they sell. I mean, who are these creative people making purses, rings, necklaces, paintings, cards and even knitted pictures?! Really, it is disgusting seeing so much talent in one spot. Ok, I’m just bitter I don’t have the talent and time haha!!

Original photos - by me
Anyway. Irving Baby really is a shop with something for everyone. So go and check it out if you are in Adelaide.

Where: 83 Hindley Street, Adelaide SA
Contact: check their facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Adelaide-Australia/Irving-Baby/25117458751

Alrighty - until the weekend! Over to Kerry :)

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