21 March 2010

Thou shalt endeavour to always wear red lipstick

... is how it all began. The Lindy Charm School For Girls Vintage Beauty & Make Up workshop that is.

I attended the Adelaide session yesterday, held by head mistress Chrissy and lady Kim. These ladies looked like they have just stepped out from the 30s or 40s - perfect make up, hair, dress, matching shoes and accessories, which beautifully set the mood for the day - being more lady like and caring for yourself.

The course began with a talk about undergarments. Would you believe it - Chrissy and Kim wear corsets most days a week! Kim hand-makes two types of corsets which we tried on. There is the 40s/50s "Hourglass", which is not so uncomfortable, and the 50s "Dior Wasp, this one is a little less comfortable - letme put it in the words of another attendant - "well you won't die". Thefirst one took one inch of my waist - the second one 3.5!! So it can definitely be worth it. While I am not rushing to buy in, I did consider it, as one of the side benefits is great posture and you just feel a lot more lady like! Check out Kim's website.

One of the workshops attendees with Kim, photo by me

Then the ladies talked about hair and make up and did a few demonstrations. I enjoyed the hair session the most as I am always struggling to do something interesting with my hair. Did you know that ladies used to stuff the hair that came out from brushing in a old nylon sock was used to make hair fillers or round buns to put in your hairroll?

Anyway, here is one of the girls that got a make over done:

Before &After of one of the workshop attendees, photo by me
Don't you love the result?

The Lindy Charm School For Girls is holding this workshop across Australia, with a couple coming up in Sydney, Gold Coast, Canberra and Melbourne. Check the website if you are interesting in attending: http://www.thelindycharmschoolforgirls.com/

And here am I on the day:

Dress, Vintage from Irving Baby Adelaide
Wedge Shoes, Shoes Shop Melbourne
Belt, MNG Melbourne
Bracelet, Sportsgirl

I wore the flower dress I bought on my recent Opshopping trip. I am really not sure what shoes go with this style, I tried about 5 different pair which I thought might go, but no luck. So if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Before I go, I need to tell you one more thing: the Lindy Charm School of Girls oath (which all the girls take at the beginning of the workshop) contains one line that particularly struck a chord with me: "thou shalt never wear socks with sandals" - Alexa Chung do you hear me??

Off to put on some lipstick...

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