28 March 2010

We Heart Frankie Magazine

Fashion Magazines. Now: I have to say many of them are not my friend. Gossip and high street fashion are just not inspiring and don’t make me long for more. There are very few magazines I actually wait for – checking the news stand just to make sure I don’t miss out, if you know what I’m talking about.

But one - one really does tickle my fancy: Frankie Magazine. It’s just lovely. A great mix of fashion, craft, current affairs, illustration and music.
Frankie Magazine is a lot less commercial than most magazines, many of the contributors are ‘random people from next door’, for example the girl who collects the ‘Little Golden Books’, the guy who promised his childhood friend to marry her by 30 if they hadn’t found anyone else (and now thinks he may wait a little longer) or young entrepreneurs who have turned ‘green’ into a business such as a Micro Brewery, rebinding old book cover into notebooks and a vintage bike rental business.

Personally, I love sifting through the first pages ‘frank bits’ to discover new designers and creatives. I usually quickly grab the poster/paper which is designed by a different person each month – it’s so handy for moodboards, wrapping paper, making things... Oh yeah and lining my dresser too :)

The people or political features are almost always interesting or funny, the craft ideas cute, fashion pages pretty and oh I even read the ads!!

Did I mention? Frankie is private owned and 100% Australian. So people – get into it!

What magazines do you dig?

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