29 March 2010

Opshopping: Retro City, Barcelona

Tucked away in one of the little tunnel-like paths of central Barcelona is Retro City. It is one of a handful of vintage stores in Barcelona. Surprisingly, it seems vintage isn't 'all the rage' that it is in other corners of the world.

Retro City is a small outlet chocker-block with second-hand and vintage items. The racks are crammed wall-to-wall. Typical of such stores it hosts all types of items; dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, pants, shorts and so on. Rows and rows of shoes layer the floor; boots, brogues, clogs, to name a few.

The prices are pretty standard for a vintage outlet (20E for skirts, 30-50E for dresses, 30E+ for shoes), but I would say this store sits a little lower on the price point than some of the other stores nearby. However, the difference in Retro City is they don't price the items. I tried to bargain down a gorge green and white print skirt from 20 Euro to 15 Euro but my plight was unsuccessful. Booo.... I really need to do something with this skint life I am leading, bring on the money so I can buy heaps of cool shit.

Located: C/ Tallers, 51 (off La Rambla)

Trading Hours: 10am-2pm / 4pm-9pm

No website available

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