31 May 2010

Taking my hat for a walk

I've been eager to wear the hat I bought in Melbourne the other week, and when I was going out for coffee the opportunity seemed right. I'm not sure if I was breaking any sort of rules by wearing the beautifully made hat with my ripped jeans but I am not living in a metropole right now, so I really can't look too put together. Mh, maybe that's an excuse. I really just wanted to wear my ripped jeans hehe.

Where & When:
Nothing special, just grabbing a coffee down the street.

30 May 2010

Wow! Millinery - Scally & Trombone

I was just wondering along in Fitzroy the other week when I saw another quirky shop - so in I go, expecting bric a brac and odd pieces... But then, surprise! The shop was a full of hats and gloves. Which apparently - excuse my ignorance - is called millinery. Wow wow wow... This is the type of store you'd expect to find in Paris. And since I have resolved to wearing hats more often, I was in Paradise!

Scally and Trombone has sooooo many style - there really is something for everyone. As you can see in the pictures below, this store sells bags, scarves, accessories, bathing suits, luggage, tights... Lots more! The staff are lovely and helpful, and so it was that I walked away with my first ever pair of leather gloves and felt hat. Maybe I am getting old? Leather gloves and felt hats are not exactly the epitamy of high fashion. Maybe I am becoming wise and stylish whilst not fashionable haha. Well that's my excuse anyway.

Pictures by me: Scally & Trombone, Fitzroy, Melbourne 

And here are my treasures:

Scally & Trombone (Millinery & Jewellery)
331 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy Victoria (Australia)
P - 03 9479 6038

28 May 2010

Black and Gold

I know, it should be 'green and gold' now that I'm an Aussie, but that would make me look like a Christmas tree. Instead, after spending another Sunday afternoon playing with my clothes, I combined this skirt from a local opshop in the most simple way -  with black things only. I can hear my friends go 'matchy matchy', but please... I'm just not one for wearing things in an eclectic way. So there you are. My most 'risque' element here are probably those huge earrings I finally dug out from my accessory pile.

Where & When:
Local outing with the girls for my friend's recent birthday - first to the movies and then coffee & cake at the Bavarian Cafe (yum!).

27 May 2010

Online Magazines. First: Antler Magazine

I don't know whether I am the last one (again) to discover online magazines, but I have only recently found them and have quickly become spellbound. Now, I didn't really need any more time behind the screen and I certainly prefer turning (paper) pages of beautiful photographs, inspiring stories and interviews. But what can you do? It's not my fault that there are so many creative, imaginative people out there producing addictive content... Well I guess I could stop looking. Mh... No.

So here is my first find. Antler Magazine. Now in its third edition (I told you I am usually last finding out about these things), it features creative folk and amazing photographs. What I like about it is that the people interviewed are not typical fashion bloggers, but inventive people who make things. In this edition, my favourite finds are Karen Klassen's beautiful illustrations, obscurio's collection of vintage photographs which take you straight to the past and Peeko's wearable creations- isn't this cube necklace just lovely?
Now I'm off to read some more. Stay tuned...

25 May 2010

Mitzi Delight: Loveable Posts

Being a part of the blogging world can have you sometimes at a loose end. There are so many that you barely know where to start and the majority are either not your cup of tea or just simply not appealing. But when you find the goodies, it's a time to relish. I love coming across a blog where every post has something special and exciting to devour. Bogs are like style in a lot of ways, you chop and change what you like/don't like almost as quick as you have time to make the next click. However, there are always certain elements that you look for and admire. Part of the loveable ones at the moment are these four:

Stumbled across this blog today and had to post about it. Specifically I love this Made In Hawaii blog post. The gorgeous print dress she is wearing is made in Hawaii and I love her writing about the story behind the dress and what she wonders about its origins. I do the very same thing every time I purchase something second-hand. I think I have found a fellow daydreamer.

I fell in love with this post the second I saw it. Aside from the adorable floral dress and cardi mix and red lip add-on, I love all the photos from the post. Such an airy, light and peaceful day it looked like for the two friends. I love it when a blog post takes you into another dimension, it feels like you were there with them. This is always achieved with quality photos and written segment that go together. These are always the ones that naturally flow, and this is definitely one of those posts.

This lovely lady has been a fave of mine for a while, but I particularly loved the colours from this post. I've had this one on my desktop for a while now, and I finally find a place to slot it in. The pop of the dress and belt just smashed me in the face the minute I saw it, and I love it when a photo does that. The bright primary colours of her hair and outfit, sit so powerfully next to the soft landscape. I've said it once and I'll say it again, quality photos make everything seem awesome.

The Owls Are Not What They Seem - Gold Dust
This lass was talking about how she seemed to be buying more neutrals of late and as I read the post I realised I was experiencing much the same trend. Aside from the great use of colour, and that yummy golden silk top she is wearing, I love that she made up the same design herself with a different print. Inspired me to get out my sewing kit and start doing some home-made alterations. She's also got on those enviable Seychelles oxford heels that I've been eyeing off for a good half of a year now. I think this is my sign to purchase.

Hope you enjoy these lovely posts as much as I do!

24 May 2010

Streetstyle Manly, Australia: Floral & Leather

It's lucky when you have stylish friends because streetstyle photography becomes easy (come on, even The Sartorialist photographs his girlfriend for the blog).

When I was in Sydney last week, I met my friend Dora and looking at her outfit, I instantly thought "streetstyle worthy"! It didn't take too much arm twisting to get her ok to take some pics.

I love the floral and leather combo - plus how can you resist her huge smile?

23 May 2010

Made It

Madeit... Welcome to Australia's version of Etsy. While the concept does not include vintage or second-hand items, every item on the site is handmade and designed which adds to the appeal and unique element of the products. I must admit the clothing section is not quite down my alley (maybe its my second-hand needs), however, the jewellery and accessories are gorgeous and have seriously caught my eye. Definitely, worth the look and/or purchase if you so desire. Here are some of my faves that I am in the process of convincing my bank account it is okay to splurge 'just this once'.

I'm a sucker for anything handmade, just feels so much more like it has a special story behind it rather than some sweatshop horror story. I am also thoroughly enjoying the prices, very reasonable. Hope you're all enjoying a sunny Sunday!!!!

21 May 2010

Coffee down the beach

The day after the half marathon there was no way I am dressing up... So when we headed down the beach for a while to chill and have a coffee it was all comfort and keeping warm. So there you are - super casual me.

Leather jacket, Sirocco
T-Shirt, Surf, Dive and Ski
Flower blouse, second-hand Victor Harbor
Jeans, Sportsgirl
Sneakers, Tiger

It was such a grey day, but the sky was absolutely beautiful. The first pic is 'as taken', in the second one I had a bit of Picasa fun with.

18 May 2010

Mitzi Delight: Vintage Wallpaper

Last night I stayed at a friend's house in Sydney before we tortured ourselves this morning at the Sydney Halfmarathon. I had never been to her house before and when I stepped inside: wallpaper delight!!!

It is her parent's house and the whole place is like it was frozen in the 1970s!! Every wall has vintage wallpaper, woodpanelling and cute family photographs with vintage frames. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me - I always take it everywhere - but this time I thought - "What would I need it for - we are having dinner, then early bedtime and early rise to go running." Well... I will have to go back and do a little photo session there.

So in the meantime, here are some vintage wallpaper inspirations:

Bodie interior, bedroom door, wallpaper


Reading next to his bike

Mondrian Kitchen

17 May 2010

Pub Band - here I come!

It was ladies' catch up the other night down here in Victor Harbor and we decided to hit the local pub which had two local bands playing. So I thought a very casual outfit would be ideal as the people don't dress up much at all.

T-Shirt, bought at German hippy shop
Jacket, second-hand, bought in Victor Harbor
Jeans, Sportsgirl
Belt, second-hand,
bought in Victor Harbor
Shoes, Betts

These are my most comfortable jeans I own, I never considered wearing them with anything else but just a loose T-Shirt around the house.

What do you think of this belt? I found it for $2 in a local second hand store and had to buy it - it looks so western and I love that it's long enough to wear with non-high waisted clothes.

16 May 2010

Opshopping: Nook Vintage, Melbourne

So last weekend I was in Melbourne for work and after a nice Sunday brunch at Veggie Bar in Fitzroy with some friends, I decided to roam wild on the numerous vintage and second-hand stores in the area.

And I must say - I would move to Fitzroy if I had to live in Melbourne! I love the people, shops and cafes. Such a lovely atmosphere.

I found a couple of good stores and the first one I want to tell you about is Nook on Johnston Street.

Publish Post

It's worth a visit for so many reasons. There are a few things I feel set it apart for other reasons:
  • Extremely well selected range of item- the store is quite small, but every item in there is quirky - theyhave everything from clothes, boots, hats, jewellery, furniture, books,paintings, toys...
  • You can buy everything - including all the probs!
  • An owner who knows customer service- Rachel, one of the owners was so lovely and greeted every singlecustomer. This is so rare in vintage shops, it was really refreshing. When I tried to find someboots, Rachel even offered to give me a call and send some pictures when shegets some more in my size. Now that's greatservice!
  • They've got layby and gift wrapping. Again, this is so unusual in vintage stores who don't usually even offer you a bag!
  • And lastly, they source pieces - so give them a call if you have been looking for something for ages.

Nook Vintage
258 Johnston Street, Fitzroy Victoria (Australia)
T 0417 187 196
E nook.vintage@gmail.com
Open: Wed-Fri 11-6pm Sa-Sun 12-6pm

14 May 2010

Mixing prints

I have not really been very experimental in the past when it comes to mixing prints and fabrics. I like clean lines and tailored looks. But my increasing interest in styles and writing this blog has really made me experiment with things. So in this outfit, I attempted to mix a few prints...

T-Shirt, Jacket & Tights, Sportsgirl
Scarf, Belt from Secondhand dress
Skirt, Etsy
Oxfords, Steve Madden
Ring, from my grandma

I know, there are only a few prints, but still!! Scarf - polka dots, jacket - stripes, skirt - paisley print, tights are striped grey (you can't really see it here)...

This scarf is actually the belt from this dress

And the skirt is bought on etsy, as I've descriped in the past.

What do you like mixing up?

13 May 2010

Beauty & Style Transformation

We have all done it - got addicted to one way of having our hair done, wearing the same eyeliner style, wearing lip stick - or never, wearing jeans only, dresses only, black only - you get the picture. Often we look back at our style five (or more) years later and say "What was I thinking?".

This is what I was thinking about when I saw this youtube tutorial of doing a Megan Fox make up look (it's amazing!). I know, it seems unrelated, but stay with me.

A while ago I saw this newspaper article with two pictures of Megan Fox - one when she was about 16 and a recent one. The difference was startling. I mean don't get me wrong - in my opinion she has always looked more beautiful than most of us, she has naturally pleasing features - but while she used to look naturally beautiful, in the last couple of years she has started looking like an extremely polished out-of-this world beauty.
 Megan Fox - then and now. Pics found through Google Images

I won't go into any speculations about cosmetic surgery or will argue about weight loss or usage of stylist and make up artists - I don't care what a person chooses to do to themselves, as long as they feel good about it and don't hurt anyone else.The point is about transformations.

We could all afford to try something new to continually get closer what really looks great on ourselves. Because there is nothing worse than being stuck in the same routine - no matter what you do right now, I am sure you can adopt a little personal 'continuous improvement'. :)

For me, recently this has involved the courage to wear bright red lipstick and the realisation that dresses and high waisted skirts really look the most flattering for my body type.

What is something you have recently tried, started or stopped doing when it comes to your style?

10 May 2010

Jeans Day - keeping things simple

We often try to mix up our outfits as much as possible, adding accessories, tights, scarves and all that. But sometimes there is just nothing better than jeans, a simple top and flats. Yes, flats. I don't know about you, but I just don't wear heels with all my outfits, it's just not practical or comfortable a lot of times.

Vintage earrings, bought on etsy
Top bought second-hand in Victor Harbor
Jeans, Jay Jays
Flats, Wittner

By the way, these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever ever owned, even better than my runners!! I am so jealous of guys, as they get to wear shoes like this every day.

I love the detail in this otherwise simple top. It's got batwing sleeves and a nice cut out collar. And it was about $5 in alocal second-hand clothing store.

08 May 2010

Polka dots, polka dots

This is the dress I recently bought at Dalena Vintage's etsy store. It is quickly becoming my favourite! I love all the colours with 3! layers of polka dots - the print you can see, white stiched dots and black stiched polka dots for extra texture!

Dress, Dalena Vintage
Tights, Target
Shoes, Tony Bianco

So I thought I'd go further and add my new polka dot tights haha...

So far I've worn this to a hen's night and a dinner party we recently held, when I cooked for 10 people from my 1950s Australian Hostess Cookbook!

07 May 2010

Shiny Happy People - Sia Furler

It's impossible for me not to include this lovely lady in one of my posts. She is for me the epitome of free and careless fun. Something I think we could all use a little more of in our lives. Her smiles are real and her music is (for me anyway) truthful.

The best bit about Sia is how her style encompasses all of that eccentricity and freedom you feel when you listen to her music or watch one of her interviews. Her style is playful, colourful and messy, three things that I think of if I were asked to describe her persona. This is one of my favourite things in the world, watching people's style evolve into their true self. A bit deep of a thought perhaps when we are just essentially talking about clothes, but I really love it!!!!! It's personal style that sets us apart after all, and that is more than just the clothes.

This girl seriously wears whatever she likes. Often found to be wearing layered prints, crazy theatrical costumes and mixing pretty tea dresses with Cons.... I love people who actually do their own thing. If I had to name one unique person not following anyone else's path but their own, I would nominate Miss Sia. Truly her own.

P.S Listen to "Girl you lost to cocaine" or "Clap your hands" when you are getting ready in the morning. Just passing on the sweet vibes of Sia, to your living room.

06 May 2010

2 Ways - one works, one doesn't

On Tuesday, I was talking about outfits for when season are in transition (speak autumn and spring). It's getting cold here in South Australia, so I was playing around with my skirts to see which ones I can wear with warmer clothes in winter.

This skirt is one of my favourites. The print and detail are amazing.

But it's interesting how some outfits just don't work. I couldn't get this skirt to work as a winter version - no matter what colour or pattern tights, top or shoes I tried.

So I decided that this little number will have to wait til next summer. This is how I like to wear it:

Necklace, second-hand
Singlet, Sportsgirl
Skirt, vintage bought in Victor Harbor
Sandals, Witchery
And here is one of my 'fail' version:

You may think - why is she wearing long sleeves, grey tights... Surely a cap t-shirt with a cropped jacket and different colour tights or shoes would work. No. Believe me. I tried everything. I turned my whole wardrobe upside down and my search to find something to wear with this in colder weather was a total disaster.

Ah well, waiting for next summer.

05 May 2010

Bows Bows Everywhere!

Feels like everywhere I turn there's a bow in sight, but I'm not seeing it on the street just yet. I love the ostentatious nature of the big bow sitting atop the face, it's so... glamourous and gorge! There is always the exception where the bow in the hair can make on look like a minnie-mouse wannabe, but I think when done right they can look a million bucks.

I love the Marc by Marc Jacobs take on the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. The soft red lip, minimal eye makeup with the bow sitting to the side. This is an everyday look I'll be experimenting with this Spring for sure.

Diane Von Furstenberg... nothing to say here, aside from a beautiful touch of glamour to a spring collection. Love the prints of these bows, a little big for everyday wear (for me anyway) but the concept is awesome.

Peter Som (sorry about the quality here, but you get the idea) has done the turban-esque take on the bow headpiece. This is a fave of mine! I've definitely been inspired by this one... on the hunt for a turbany bow, any hints on where I can find one? I'm thinking a trip to one of the Barcelona vintage stores is my afternoon adventure today.

Happy Bow hunting!!!!

04 May 2010

Mitzi Delight: Seasonal transitions

The other day, I was thinking about whether fashion blogs should focus on either the northern or southern hemisphere when it comes to outfits, as readers might be looking for inspiration for the season they live in... But then I realised that summer/winter and winter/summer transition are actually quite similar!

Sure, colours might be different, but during autumn in Oz you feel like fighting the oncoming cold by continuing to wear summery clothes with just a jacket thrown over the top and adding tights and in the North you can't wait to rip off those winter coats - but often it is still too cool to show both bare shoulders and legs...

So in celebration of the autumn and spring season, here are four transitional outfits:

1. Another Day to dress up
2. Kansas Couture
3. Liebemarlene Vintage
4. Vintage Vixen

Moral of the story: During seasons' transition, add tights, cardis, boots, hats and cover your shoulders to keep warm :)

02 May 2010

Etsy Opshopping

You all know that Kerry and I love browsing (and often buying) on etsy.com. So instead of writing about another real life opshopping trip, I thought I might write about shopping on etsy.

I'll do it in form of an interview with myself (hehe)...

What do you buy on etsy?

I have bought everything from dresses, shirts, skirts and accessories. I haven't bought anything really vintage yet - say from the 50s, but I am planning to. I am also on the look out for some leather boots, as winter is coming here in Australia.

How do you usually find nice vintage items on etsy?
I take 3 different avenues:

Sometimes I know what I want - say a dress or boots - in which case I use the search tool and then sort the items by "price = low to high" (Yes!! I am a cheapie). Then I scroll my way through pages and pages - and often find something that way. This is how I found some of these items.

Other times, I go to fashion blogs I like and click on the etsy sponsors and browse their stores - that's how I found Dalena Vintage for example.

And lastly, I go to etsy's recently listed items tool and just watch the rows appear - it's quite fun if you have some spare time. It's also a way of getting a chance to snap up popular items first! To try it, go to the etsy front page and scroll down to the section that say "Recently Listed Items", then click on "See even more items".

What is the most you have paid and the least you have paid for an item?
I recently bought a snake skin bag (haven't received it yet) for $6. The most I paid was $45 for a massive lot of vintage earrings. The same guy is still selling some of them!

What is the latest item you have bought?
As I said above, I bought the snake skin bag, but I also bought a vintage Levi's denim shirt for a friend too! These are hard to find nowadays.

Would you start your own etsy shop?
Kerry and I have considered it, but not taken any serious steps towards it. It's a little hard as we are both still travelling a lot and without a steady home, we won't have anywhere to store all of our finds! But I am sure it will happen eventually. I've already got some items I found at opshops which didn't quite fit me, but are amazing.

What tips do you have for buying clothes on etsy?
Measure, measure, measure. Just make sure you know all your measurements and check them again and again. If in doubt how something would fit, take measurements of an item you already have and compare it to the one on sale.

Lastly, could you recommend any etsy vintage stores?
Sure! Here are three other shops I recently found and love for different reasons:

A-M-AZING range of shoes and boots!!

This store isn't cheap, but it sells real vintage - dresses dating as far back as the 1910s!

Whatshall I say. Dresses, fabulous dresses. This lady knows vintage. I haveno idea where she finds so many stunning vintage dresss - anything fromoldschool hollywood glamour, to mad men dresses and vintage lingerie.Not cheap, but not expensive for what is sold (real quality vintagedresses under $100).

Thanks Bec!
No problems Bec hehehehe....