23 May 2010

Made It

Madeit... Welcome to Australia's version of Etsy. While the concept does not include vintage or second-hand items, every item on the site is handmade and designed which adds to the appeal and unique element of the products. I must admit the clothing section is not quite down my alley (maybe its my second-hand needs), however, the jewellery and accessories are gorgeous and have seriously caught my eye. Definitely, worth the look and/or purchase if you so desire. Here are some of my faves that I am in the process of convincing my bank account it is okay to splurge 'just this once'.

I'm a sucker for anything handmade, just feels so much more like it has a special story behind it rather than some sweatshop horror story. I am also thoroughly enjoying the prices, very reasonable. Hope you're all enjoying a sunny Sunday!!!!

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