04 May 2010

Mitzi Delight: Seasonal transitions

The other day, I was thinking about whether fashion blogs should focus on either the northern or southern hemisphere when it comes to outfits, as readers might be looking for inspiration for the season they live in... But then I realised that summer/winter and winter/summer transition are actually quite similar!

Sure, colours might be different, but during autumn in Oz you feel like fighting the oncoming cold by continuing to wear summery clothes with just a jacket thrown over the top and adding tights and in the North you can't wait to rip off those winter coats - but often it is still too cool to show both bare shoulders and legs...

So in celebration of the autumn and spring season, here are four transitional outfits:

1. Another Day to dress up
2. Kansas Couture
3. Liebemarlene Vintage
4. Vintage Vixen

Moral of the story: During seasons' transition, add tights, cardis, boots, hats and cover your shoulders to keep warm :)


Adelaide said...

So lovely, I love them all and I love autumn and spring

Anonymous said...

Well said!

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