10 May 2010

Jeans Day - keeping things simple

We often try to mix up our outfits as much as possible, adding accessories, tights, scarves and all that. But sometimes there is just nothing better than jeans, a simple top and flats. Yes, flats. I don't know about you, but I just don't wear heels with all my outfits, it's just not practical or comfortable a lot of times.

Vintage earrings, bought on etsy
Top bought second-hand in Victor Harbor
Jeans, Jay Jays
Flats, Wittner

By the way, these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever ever owned, even better than my runners!! I am so jealous of guys, as they get to wear shoes like this every day.

I love the detail in this otherwise simple top. It's got batwing sleeves and a nice cut out collar. And it was about $5 in alocal second-hand clothing store.

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Eli said...

being a blogger has this weird stigma with dressing down! I love being comfy! you look great

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