30 May 2010

Wow! Millinery - Scally & Trombone

I was just wondering along in Fitzroy the other week when I saw another quirky shop - so in I go, expecting bric a brac and odd pieces... But then, surprise! The shop was a full of hats and gloves. Which apparently - excuse my ignorance - is called millinery. Wow wow wow... This is the type of store you'd expect to find in Paris. And since I have resolved to wearing hats more often, I was in Paradise!

Scally and Trombone has sooooo many style - there really is something for everyone. As you can see in the pictures below, this store sells bags, scarves, accessories, bathing suits, luggage, tights... Lots more! The staff are lovely and helpful, and so it was that I walked away with my first ever pair of leather gloves and felt hat. Maybe I am getting old? Leather gloves and felt hats are not exactly the epitamy of high fashion. Maybe I am becoming wise and stylish whilst not fashionable haha. Well that's my excuse anyway.

Pictures by me: Scally & Trombone, Fitzroy, Melbourne 

And here are my treasures:

Scally & Trombone (Millinery & Jewellery)
331 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy Victoria (Australia)
P - 03 9479 6038

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