31 May 2010

Taking my hat for a walk

I've been eager to wear the hat I bought in Melbourne the other week, and when I was going out for coffee the opportunity seemed right. I'm not sure if I was breaking any sort of rules by wearing the beautifully made hat with my ripped jeans but I am not living in a metropole right now, so I really can't look too put together. Mh, maybe that's an excuse. I really just wanted to wear my ripped jeans hehe.

Where & When:
Nothing special, just grabbing a coffee down the street.


Mary Rose said...

Bec that hat looks SO cute on you! I want one... hmm when am I in Fitzoy next? ;)

Charmaine said...

What a lovely title.

Also, is that a fringe I see peeping out from beneath your hat?

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