07 May 2010

Shiny Happy People - Sia Furler

It's impossible for me not to include this lovely lady in one of my posts. She is for me the epitome of free and careless fun. Something I think we could all use a little more of in our lives. Her smiles are real and her music is (for me anyway) truthful.

The best bit about Sia is how her style encompasses all of that eccentricity and freedom you feel when you listen to her music or watch one of her interviews. Her style is playful, colourful and messy, three things that I think of if I were asked to describe her persona. This is one of my favourite things in the world, watching people's style evolve into their true self. A bit deep of a thought perhaps when we are just essentially talking about clothes, but I really love it!!!!! It's personal style that sets us apart after all, and that is more than just the clothes.

This girl seriously wears whatever she likes. Often found to be wearing layered prints, crazy theatrical costumes and mixing pretty tea dresses with Cons.... I love people who actually do their own thing. If I had to name one unique person not following anyone else's path but their own, I would nominate Miss Sia. Truly her own.

P.S Listen to "Girl you lost to cocaine" or "Clap your hands" when you are getting ready in the morning. Just passing on the sweet vibes of Sia, to your living room.

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