02 May 2010

Etsy Opshopping

You all know that Kerry and I love browsing (and often buying) on etsy.com. So instead of writing about another real life opshopping trip, I thought I might write about shopping on etsy.

I'll do it in form of an interview with myself (hehe)...

What do you buy on etsy?

I have bought everything from dresses, shirts, skirts and accessories. I haven't bought anything really vintage yet - say from the 50s, but I am planning to. I am also on the look out for some leather boots, as winter is coming here in Australia.

How do you usually find nice vintage items on etsy?
I take 3 different avenues:

Sometimes I know what I want - say a dress or boots - in which case I use the search tool and then sort the items by "price = low to high" (Yes!! I am a cheapie). Then I scroll my way through pages and pages - and often find something that way. This is how I found some of these items.

Other times, I go to fashion blogs I like and click on the etsy sponsors and browse their stores - that's how I found Dalena Vintage for example.

And lastly, I go to etsy's recently listed items tool and just watch the rows appear - it's quite fun if you have some spare time. It's also a way of getting a chance to snap up popular items first! To try it, go to the etsy front page and scroll down to the section that say "Recently Listed Items", then click on "See even more items".

What is the most you have paid and the least you have paid for an item?
I recently bought a snake skin bag (haven't received it yet) for $6. The most I paid was $45 for a massive lot of vintage earrings. The same guy is still selling some of them!

What is the latest item you have bought?
As I said above, I bought the snake skin bag, but I also bought a vintage Levi's denim shirt for a friend too! These are hard to find nowadays.

Would you start your own etsy shop?
Kerry and I have considered it, but not taken any serious steps towards it. It's a little hard as we are both still travelling a lot and without a steady home, we won't have anywhere to store all of our finds! But I am sure it will happen eventually. I've already got some items I found at opshops which didn't quite fit me, but are amazing.

What tips do you have for buying clothes on etsy?
Measure, measure, measure. Just make sure you know all your measurements and check them again and again. If in doubt how something would fit, take measurements of an item you already have and compare it to the one on sale.

Lastly, could you recommend any etsy vintage stores?
Sure! Here are three other shops I recently found and love for different reasons:

A-M-AZING range of shoes and boots!!

This store isn't cheap, but it sells real vintage - dresses dating as far back as the 1910s!

Whatshall I say. Dresses, fabulous dresses. This lady knows vintage. I haveno idea where she finds so many stunning vintage dresss - anything fromoldschool hollywood glamour, to mad men dresses and vintage lingerie.Not cheap, but not expensive for what is sold (real quality vintagedresses under $100).

Thanks Bec!
No problems Bec hehehehe....

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