25 May 2010

Mitzi Delight: Loveable Posts

Being a part of the blogging world can have you sometimes at a loose end. There are so many that you barely know where to start and the majority are either not your cup of tea or just simply not appealing. But when you find the goodies, it's a time to relish. I love coming across a blog where every post has something special and exciting to devour. Bogs are like style in a lot of ways, you chop and change what you like/don't like almost as quick as you have time to make the next click. However, there are always certain elements that you look for and admire. Part of the loveable ones at the moment are these four:

Stumbled across this blog today and had to post about it. Specifically I love this Made In Hawaii blog post. The gorgeous print dress she is wearing is made in Hawaii and I love her writing about the story behind the dress and what she wonders about its origins. I do the very same thing every time I purchase something second-hand. I think I have found a fellow daydreamer.

I fell in love with this post the second I saw it. Aside from the adorable floral dress and cardi mix and red lip add-on, I love all the photos from the post. Such an airy, light and peaceful day it looked like for the two friends. I love it when a blog post takes you into another dimension, it feels like you were there with them. This is always achieved with quality photos and written segment that go together. These are always the ones that naturally flow, and this is definitely one of those posts.

This lovely lady has been a fave of mine for a while, but I particularly loved the colours from this post. I've had this one on my desktop for a while now, and I finally find a place to slot it in. The pop of the dress and belt just smashed me in the face the minute I saw it, and I love it when a photo does that. The bright primary colours of her hair and outfit, sit so powerfully next to the soft landscape. I've said it once and I'll say it again, quality photos make everything seem awesome.

The Owls Are Not What They Seem - Gold Dust
This lass was talking about how she seemed to be buying more neutrals of late and as I read the post I realised I was experiencing much the same trend. Aside from the great use of colour, and that yummy golden silk top she is wearing, I love that she made up the same design herself with a different print. Inspired me to get out my sewing kit and start doing some home-made alterations. She's also got on those enviable Seychelles oxford heels that I've been eyeing off for a good half of a year now. I think this is my sign to purchase.

Hope you enjoy these lovely posts as much as I do!

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thanks for some wonderful blogger recommendations! indeed, one lovelier than the other!

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