13 May 2010

Beauty & Style Transformation

We have all done it - got addicted to one way of having our hair done, wearing the same eyeliner style, wearing lip stick - or never, wearing jeans only, dresses only, black only - you get the picture. Often we look back at our style five (or more) years later and say "What was I thinking?".

This is what I was thinking about when I saw this youtube tutorial of doing a Megan Fox make up look (it's amazing!). I know, it seems unrelated, but stay with me.

A while ago I saw this newspaper article with two pictures of Megan Fox - one when she was about 16 and a recent one. The difference was startling. I mean don't get me wrong - in my opinion she has always looked more beautiful than most of us, she has naturally pleasing features - but while she used to look naturally beautiful, in the last couple of years she has started looking like an extremely polished out-of-this world beauty.
 Megan Fox - then and now. Pics found through Google Images

I won't go into any speculations about cosmetic surgery or will argue about weight loss or usage of stylist and make up artists - I don't care what a person chooses to do to themselves, as long as they feel good about it and don't hurt anyone else.The point is about transformations.

We could all afford to try something new to continually get closer what really looks great on ourselves. Because there is nothing worse than being stuck in the same routine - no matter what you do right now, I am sure you can adopt a little personal 'continuous improvement'. :)

For me, recently this has involved the courage to wear bright red lipstick and the realisation that dresses and high waisted skirts really look the most flattering for my body type.

What is something you have recently tried, started or stopped doing when it comes to your style?

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Charmaine said...

Oh dear, I think I had my hey-day around 1999 and have been tragically stuck in a time-warp since then. Same jeans, same hair-style, lots of muted colour, greys and tans etc Your blog is inspiring me to take risks and think outside the square. Bring on the red lipstick!

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