05 May 2010

Bows Bows Everywhere!

Feels like everywhere I turn there's a bow in sight, but I'm not seeing it on the street just yet. I love the ostentatious nature of the big bow sitting atop the face, it's so... glamourous and gorge! There is always the exception where the bow in the hair can make on look like a minnie-mouse wannabe, but I think when done right they can look a million bucks.

I love the Marc by Marc Jacobs take on the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. The soft red lip, minimal eye makeup with the bow sitting to the side. This is an everyday look I'll be experimenting with this Spring for sure.

Diane Von Furstenberg... nothing to say here, aside from a beautiful touch of glamour to a spring collection. Love the prints of these bows, a little big for everyday wear (for me anyway) but the concept is awesome.

Peter Som (sorry about the quality here, but you get the idea) has done the turban-esque take on the bow headpiece. This is a fave of mine! I've definitely been inspired by this one... on the hunt for a turbany bow, any hints on where I can find one? I'm thinking a trip to one of the Barcelona vintage stores is my afternoon adventure today.

Happy Bow hunting!!!!

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