20 April 2010

Mitzi Delight: I'd wear that

As introduced by Kerry last week, I now continue our weekly Mitzi Delight post. This week it's streetstyles which I would wear.

You know, it's always weird when you make yourself choose pictures that somehow represent your style - and then show them to others. One becomes quite self-consciou. "Is this really an interesting outfit?", "Would this look good on me?" or "Would I really go outside like this?" are some of the questions which went through my mind.

So, here are my choices:

I wish that I could conduct a little "Guess what Bec likes about this look" survey, but in the absence of such technology and immediacy of blog posts, I will just tell you!

1. trendycrew.com: Elisa, Paris Fashion week: I usually prefer 'normal' people's streetstyle outfits because they seem more real and like something I could actually achieve - rather than the polished designer looks which require huge amounts of money and the motivation to follow every trend.

But I still decided to pick this photo. After all I can just use designer looks as an inspiration and adopt aspects of a look into my opshopped outfits.

So what I love about this are the colours and the shape of the garments. Pretty pinks paired with mustard! I wouldn't even have thought of putting them together. I love the loose legs of the pants with the edgy cut of the blazer.

2. Vanessa Jackmann:This picture is of a girl-recently-turned-model. I like that she hasthat casual-comfort-first look while still looking so elegant! I guessit's a little 60s with a touch of 70s school girl. Love the layers andthe floppy hat - a little unexpected but fun!

3. Facehunter: I don't know what to say about this. Clean lines, elegant, no try hard fashion. These are the type of clothes one often forgets to buy in an attempt to look interesting, different, colourful. But as they say, classic style always lasts. Beautiful.

So for me key take aways here are:
1) Try unusual colours and mix them.
2) Go for comfort with an edge and make it fun.
3) Always have some quality, timeless, elegant pieces in my wardrobe.

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