05 August 2010

Vintage music, vintage clothes

I was thinking about all the things that inspire me, music being a huge influence. And so I was wondering whether there are any cool music  that have vintage clothes in it. I am sure there are many, but the one that I discovered, seemed so obvious and at the same time I'd never heard of it before.

It's this song by Paul McCartney - Vintage Clothes. I can't seem to find a music video for it, but the lyrics are very true.

There is also a short interview with P.M. here on the video. "What was going out is coming back"... Pretty cool, he's got still clothes from the 60s.

Anyway, I've decided I am going on a mission to find cool music video either with visual inspiration on vintage clothes or lyrics or maybe the atmosphere... Please let me know which ones you have come across.

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