18 August 2010

Ranting: Do you choose for your body shape?

I can't remember where I've come across it lately, but I was reading once again about body shapes. I know, many of us will be sick of what sometimes seems like stereotyping our bodies. But then I do have to say that I have a few friends who have a clearly different body shape than mine and thus look better in very different clothing styles.

Long story short, I decided to explore a little more online, as it would be nice to know what others look good in, not just how to dress myself. So to oust myself (wowee anyone with eyes can see on my outfit photos), that I am somewhere between a pear and hourglass, probably mainly due to my swimmer shoulders... Emphasis on the waist always looks good on me and with clenched teeth I admit it's mostly dresses that are the most flattering (so unpractical...). What about you?

I found three great websites, that take you through working out your body type, but then also give very specific dress styles for it.

Check it out and then please let me know what body shape you are:

Joy Wilson's Shape Guide

Shop your shape

The Chic Fashionista

What's your body shape?

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