16 August 2010

Blue at the market

I went to Willunga Farmers market with my friend and little friend on Saturday. I'd recently read about it in delicious magazine and as an apparent SA icon, had to check it out. I love the fresh food available here in South Oz. And we were not disappointed at Willunga Farmer's market. I bought everything I laid an eye on, ah well it was just too exciting!

What I am wearing is a recent find from my weekend in Sydney, did a bit of opshopping and found this blue jumper dress. 



kerry said...

love it!!!!!!!!! the mix of earthy and cool tones is awesome! how much was the blue sweater dress? it's beautiful.


Anthea said...

Lovely dress! Great colour. You're very pretty!

Penelope said...

i like how you're wearing the scarf as a bracelet!! you're starting a new trend!

costume jewellery said...

Great outfit! I love the boots!

Mitzi Loves Opshops said...

kerry, i think $8?? you know i am cheap ;)

thanks anthea!!

penelope, haha didn't think of that, it would be the first time i start a trend hehe

costume jewellery, thank you!! very comfy boots.

Austin Dermatologist said...

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